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(130) Purgoch

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

He seems so reasonable, doesn’t he? He seems English—yet he’s American, and that proves my point that the Americans are just English really; and, in fact, he isn’t just any old American—he’s old stock American, he had a direct relative who was an aide to Washington and he’s also related to Lincoln and Davis. You cannot get more American—and he’s English. Admittedly, Robert Temple is an Anglophile, so he has self-consciously enhanced his Englishness in a TS Eliotish way so that he’s like no Englishman today. Yet he had a substrate to work from—he just enhanced the Englishness that was already there.

He’s a Freemason too; and, in fact, his grandfather headed the most influential lodge in America—no surprise, given that America was founded by Masons. Now I’m sure that Temple—a significant name for a man with an interest in Masonry and Egyptology—would give an urbane laugh at any suggestion that he is involved in a cabal that runs the world, or the American empire anyway (same thing). Yet, really, when we talk about decadent elites it’s men like Temple we’re talking about—they never appear in the media, they’re powerful enough (refined enough) to never be seen. “Epstein island” is just a distraction for the plebs—the real shenanigans involve people like Temple, and Epstein is promoted to keep the heat off some leafy compound in New Hampshire (in the family five generations, first-mover advantage—who owns the land?).

Temple’s family intermarried with wealthy Jews—the Monds, of ICI. There’s an in-joke in Huxley’s Brave New World (1932) where the world-controller of the techno-state is called “Mustapha Mond”—the Monds of ICI, who condition your “alphas” and “betas” in the test tube. The one-world brainwash techno-state…sounds familiar, le monde. The Temple line is that the Egyptian gods were aliens—and he implies it accords with old Masonic lore. Standard protocol: the Masons are against God—deny the divine, America has always belonged to them. Judeo-Masonry.


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