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(129) Aurafal

I write “nigger” sometimes because when Moses came down from the mountain he pushed over the Golden Calf. Today’s Golden Calf is composed from blacks, Jews, homosexuals, immigrant outsiders—and, above all, women; indeed, the other groups are only considered “holy” insofar as they have feminine characteristics. To worship these groups constitutes a religion, it is the West’s God (anti-God to be precise)—even the American equality initiative has the acronym DEI (Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion). Dei: it means “god” in Latin, if anybody remembers (the progressives do)—DEI is your God, the feminine is your God.

Hence, the Golden Calf must fall—it is no impiety to commit iconoclasm against the Golden Calf, i.e. to say “nigger”. I’m not Moses, so I don’t mind if you have some statues—preferably attractive statues—but these statues are not attractive, being just human not marble, and anything can go too far. We have gone too far. Look, I don’t say women, blacks, Jews, homosexuals, and so on don’t do useful or good things—women are good at being mothers, Jews are clever with money and law, blacks are good at sports and music, homosexuals are good at hairdressing and interior design. I just don’t think these groups are perfect—i.e. God or gods.

I don’t think whites or Europeans are perfect either—and I’d happily discuss our faults, except that is the only thing that is permissible to discuss anyway, so it seems superfluous (although, in fact, for all the self-flagellation nobody makes any genuine criticisms against Europeans—it’s all fake criticisms that aren’t useful). “But if you say things against the Jews there’ll be another holocaust!” This is just anxiety as regards cheek towards your gods—if you can’t criticise or insult a group, you’ve made them sacred (i.e. “set apart”); and I don’t think Jews, blacks etc are perfect gods—and so, until the false worship ends, I will write “nigger”; although, at a certain point, a new Golden Calf will arise.


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