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(128) Gwinau

After I completed my article on the eternal stars and 2001, two posts back, an old lady in the waiting room said to her companion, “It has a star on top.” Synchronistic confirmation that my article was vindicated—Hollywood is Satanic and conceals the eternal stars to which we must return. Further, I mentioned a few days ago that I composed an article that asked for the Roundtable to return and the next day my mother said at dinner the Roundtable was being brought back—referring, by muddle, to a carnival-style Santa sled that the local “Roundtable” charity runs. The next day, I went for a walk away from the village and a car, with the sled attached, complete with Roundtable logo, barrelled past me. The Grail approaches—I thought of the table itself just before the car went past. Synchronicity.

As far as my sleep-walking goes: this is a positive sign—the Hindus hold that sleep is the most holy state, it is the time when you shed the illusions created by waking consciousness and return to the state symbolised by blackness that is synonymous with the principial or the “unmoved mover”. To dream while awake, as I did when I slept-walked, means to bring back the most holy state into the profane waking consciousness. The dream involved some spiritual entity, when I was awake it was very yellow—a bright yellow.

In short, the quest for the Grail and the Roundtable continues to progress satisfactorily—naturally, we are in early days as yet. Yet I am confident that one day we will divest from the artificial light that dominates the land and return ourselves to the eternal stars—and chief among these must be Arthur, the god of this continent. Do not think he is British in particular, or German—he is from Hyperborea, it just so happens that Hyperborea, the part that remains above sea-level and occupies profane space, is where the British Isles sit today. This is Hyperborean clay.


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