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(125) Mewn-du

Signs: I had just started to write this article, written a sentence about Merlin’s esplumoir—which I have deleted—when the father with his young son next to me asked the boy, “If we sell the remains of what’s left from what you haven’t eaten, what could we buy?” The boy said: “A cabin in the woods.” The father said, “If we sold the house, we could buy many things.” The boy went on to describe how he would like a cabin in the woods by a lake—but the father wanted a house that was convenient for the shops, or by the sea. Of course, a cabin in the woods is Merlin’s esplumoir—this was synchronicity.

A further sign that interests: I posted a composite picture that showed four towers, four esplumoirs—yet today I noticed that Jung’s tower had a purple stripe through it. The stripe does not appear in the original photograph, nor could I replicate it by re-posting the composite picture. A one-off error in the system? I think not—an impression from Jung himself, purple being the royal colour of magic. A similar event happened in the summer, when I invoked Serrano: “Are you there, Miguel Serrano?” I said. Then, when I photographed a tower in Warwick, I found the picture contained this strange light-bird that was not a bird, and its shadow—it was not lens flare, there was nothing there at the time.

Further, last night, as I recited my poem that invoked Dante’s aid to bring the Grail to earth there was a flash of white light on the landing, just as I reached the part where it said “when heaven makes herself apparent.” To me, it seems that these are all signs—bleached right into the photographs I take, indications that I have guidance from another place (from Jung, Serrano, and Dante). I can’t say it’s a bad team—then again, you do need the best advisors if you want to restore the Roundtable.


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