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(123) Bitsh

Yesterday, I said that people do not pay attention to obvious signs: today, my mother made me dinner and when I sat down at the table she said, “They’re bringing back the Roundtable.” Given that yesterday I completed an extensive article about how the Roundtable, the Grail knights, and Arthur need to come back, this can only be described as a sign—a sign we are on the right track. And before you ask, I do not rave to my family about the Grail or Arthur or anything like it—so it is not as though she picked up on this angle from ordinary conversation; despite appearances, I am quite normal in some ways, never mention these ideas to people—and my mother has no autonomous interest in King Arthur or legends of Britain.

Just to contextualise the sign, my mother referred to an organisation called “the Roundtable”—a well-known charitable organisation in Britain—and what she really meant to say was “the Roundtable have got ‘Santa’s sled’ out again, they’ve brought it back” (every year someone rides round in a carnival-type float dressed as Santa to entertain the kids and collect money for, well, the Roundtable). So she was technically confused as to what “the Roundtable” was anyway.

Well, there you go—it doesn’t get much clearer than that, does it? The Roundtable is coming back—along with Arthur, the knights, and the Grail. I said it was inevitable, didn’t I? By the way, there is no need to dress in a replica knight’s costume in order to honour the Grail quest—an all-black uniform or outfit is sufficient, black being the colour of wisdom and the primordial principial (the unconditioned, the unmoved mover). To at least wear a symbolic black item every day will push the Grail further into the open (personally I wear a cheap black jacket). Anyway, keep your eyes peeled for more Grail-related signs; of course, it is very early days—there is a long way to go.


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