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122 (II)

With reference to the last article, when I left the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre, where I had written it, I walked along for a bit and then noticed my hand was covered in blood—at first I thought I had a nosebleed, but, after looking in a bathroom mirror, I found that, no, that wasn’t so. In fact, the blood came from my thumb, though there was no cut—it just flowed out from the skin in quite large amounts, more than you would expect (when you don’t have an actual cut).

Not a stigmata, exactly—but quite close. It must have been the power of the previous article that did it, the power of God.

Further, in reverse chronological order, when I went to post the article on my website, for some reason, which has never happened before, the browser didn’t autocomplete “” but just jumped to the search results for “73” and displayed an image of the Seal of Solomon on Wikipedia—the Wikipedia article told me that “73” is a “star number” and, through mathematical transformation, composes the Seal of Solomon, the Star of David, and the pentagram (the Western star of the perfected man—the symbol of union with the Godhead). So synchronistic confirmation as regards my article.

Of course, “738” is just my name in English Gematria—but it just shows what happens when you say you know God exists. ****


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