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(120) Diemwnt

Who is Arthur? Beowulf: the very name means “bee wolf” (bee o’ wolf)—he who attacks his foes as a bear attacks bees for their honey; and yet the bee also stands for those who gather wisdom (honey)—so Beowulf is also the wisdom wolf, Apollo (the wolf is his symbol). Beowulf resides in Hartshall, it is here the monster Grendel attacks—Beowulf must repel him with bear-like strength, the strength of nine men. It is here we see the relation between Merlin and Arthur—Merlin is the hart, Arthur is the bear; in Irish legend there was a king, Art Oenfer (“Art the Lonely”)—he was associated with the bear, his name became Ua HAirt (O’Hart, grandson of the bear); and this Art was solitary as with Merlin—state of the art.

Arthur is a god in the sky now. There is some dispute: he may be Arcturus in Bootës—Arcturus, Arktos, Arthur. It is said Bootës is the celestial hunter, he hunts the solar stag (the hart) as it rises and falls—Arthur hunts Merlin to regain the sun, the sun the stag has stolen. As with Ua HAirt, Merlin and Arthur are intertwined. Alternatively, Arthur is Ursus Major or Ursus Minor—the bear being Ursus Arctus.

The way Ursus Minor rotates around Polaris forms the swastika, taken to stand for the primal emanation in kabbalah (ein sof). So in this construction, Arthur is Polaris—Arktos, true North. The stars are the gods and Arthur is the god-star Polaris—the Big Dipper points to both Arcturus in Bootës and to the Little Dipper which points to Polaris; we have two bears on our hands, the little one and the big one—two possible Arthurs. The English countryfolk used to say you could hear the Big Dipper (the Plough) and Little Dipper as they turned in the sky—the music of the spheres, of the swastika’s celestial rotation. Polaris has grown brighter in recent years, beyond all scientific expectation, by the way…


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