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There is no political solution, there is no moral solution, there is no violent solution—no solution at all for the West’s current predicament, that being that her existence hangs on a spider’s thread. There is only one remedy for our predicament: the Grail—and that is not a metaphor, it is real and it is out there. The only question is how do we find it, activate it? Well, as discussed passim, I have a few substantial chunks—I’m a lot further along than, for example, Evola ever was; though he was not after the Grail as such—just put out a pamphlet about it. This website may help somewhat, when it’s activated—“But it’s activated now, you do realise people can read all the stuff you put out, right? It’s not in draft?” Of course—I mean really activated.

Obviously, we need 12 Grail knights—that is just the basic minimum. I’m Merlin—well, not exactly; you see “reincarnation” isn’t exactly real as you’d think, not like dotty old ladies who say they can remember being Cleopatra and all that. The soul doesn’t jump from body to body that way—metempsychosis they call it; no, it’s more like an iceberg—our mortal lives are just the tip and when we die the whole iceberg undertakes a reverse capsize and the great hidden reality becomes apparent. There was a man called Merlin; he lived, he died—I am not that man. However, there are folds—wavelengths to the soul—and I am on the same wavelength as that Merlin as his soul unfolds.

Aside from this website—complete in about 1,534 days—I must return to Hartsfell, Merlin’s retreat, alone for forty days and forty nights and commune with the star entities that reside there. Of course, there is always a risk they will take me away to fairyland for a few hundred years (or worse)—yet I must take the risk; and then, perhaps, the 12 knights will make themselves apparent.


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