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(109) Glaas

Immediately after I posted my previous article on the cross, my Twitter account was followed by someone from India whose username is an anagram for my surname—he also created the account in the month I was born and is followed by five people, whereas I follow five people (a mirror-like relation). A message from Indo-Aryan India that my disquisition on the cross was the correct interpretation.

Despite the fact I constantly write about esoteric and religious matters, I have absolutely no interest in either. There are people—the YouTuber Styxhammer666 is a good example—who build a social identity or persona around esoterica and occultism; and they often consciously want to be “the next Crowley” or “the next Evola” and so on. I have no interest in such an identity at all—I would much rather be an engineer or some entirely mundane and respectable occupation but I simply cannot do the maths (something doesn’t add up).

So how did you come to be so involved in esoterica? Well, sometime in 2015, about seven years ago now, I felt impelled to read Dante’s Divine Comedy—and I copied it all out in Italian, not really paying great attention but doing a canto a day. At the same time—though I was apolitical—I happened across an article on Evola, possibly some cautionary mainstream article about “the rise of the alt-right”. I glanced at his Wikipedia page and was humoured by it (the monocle)—at about the same time I read Malaparte’s book on coup d’etats and also Kaputt, though these are hardly esoteric; eventually, I felt I had to move to Stratford-Upon-Avon, for no reason, and there I watched Jonathan Bowden’s video on Evola (among others). In 2012, I had first encountered Alan Watts—from a book owned by a colleague who worked on the semantic web—and they say within seven years of hearing the message you embrace Zen; and, sure enough, within seven years I adopted the doctrine of awakening.


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