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(107) Rhuddgoch

The man above, Roger Hallam, founded Just Stop Oil—an environmental terror group dedicated to various destructive acts. Strangely, I can draw a parallel between him and the military novelist Tom Clancy. As observed in the previous article, Clancy, despite his military interests, was quite a left-wing man; and his commonality with Hallam is that his mind jumps to rape as “the worst thing imaginable”. This is not because either man has a deep revulsion against rape, rather it is because both are feminised and celebrate victimhood.

Hence Clancy will have Russian soldiers rape a girl and shoot her parents in a fictionalised Soviet-occupied Iceland, only for her to be rescued by heroic Americans—the girl will then be attracted to her American rescuer, who will reveal…his girlfriend was abducted, raped, and murdered (it’s good for couples to have something in common). Then the girl falls in love with him. You see, to be the victim is high status; and, in keeping with his passive feminine-voyeur position, Clancy thinks the victim gets the girl—a variant on the “pity fuck”. So he ends up with this contrived “grrrr, these men make me so mad—such animals”, a statement that carries no weight. Really, this is all about his own impotence and unwillingness to act.

In the above video Hallam even accidentally swaps “you” for “your mother or girlfriend” and his hunched-over body language indicates a man who feels victimised by the world—possibly menaced by a vegan string-bean casserole. Clancy, being a bit more active, would fantasise about absurd revenge on the perpetrators—and this is connected to the “prison-rape-as-just-punishment fantasy” common in American progressive discourse. Impotent people want “terrible revenge” but also would be satisfied to see someone else become a victim in prison, since their belief system values victims. As with extravagant statements about “BBQing Russian orcs” actual combatants and victims of crime are more matter-of-fact about events—since the actuality of war, for example, leaves little room for moralised grandstanding.


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