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If you tell the truth, people will call you bitter and resentful. Hence the old proverb: truth is bitter. It makes no difference if you yourself are without bitterness and resentfulness—and people who habitually tell the truth have little of either. “You enjoying your birthday cake?” “Er. Yes.” *slams dishwasher door shut harder than necessary* “Because there’s been a lot going on at work this week.” “Oh?”. You see genuinely bitter and resentful people do not express what they actually feel, the man’s girlfriend in this case—women being resentment past-masters—really wants to say you have been insufficiently grateful for the cake I bought you and all the effort I made which was very tiring.

Men do not suffer from this situation because they do not want to please people, being self-reliant, and so rarely feel resentment when they make an effort that goes on unrecognised. If they don’t get the congruent response, they just never do it again. Truth is not inherently bitter, it’s only bitter if you have a certain view as to your place in the world and what the world is like and are very attached (narcissistically) to those bubbles.

You think, “I’m a diligent citizen, happy to pay my taxes, little quibbles aside, and every year we get a bit more technology, kinda neat, and all the peoples of the world mix together together a bit more—little quibbles aside, we’re workin’ it out.” If I say: “The country has collapsed at core, it’s a black hole that sucks in the scum of the universe and mulches them down into an even more debased state,” I will be told I’m bitter and resentful; just Iike if you tell women the truth about women they reliably say, “Who hurt you?”. Once the narcissistic bubble is burst, the bien pensant defends themselves with projection—“I think the same, but I’m a nice person so I’d never say”. If you minimise the self-congratulatory bubble, truth isn’t bitter at all.


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