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Προφητεία (93)

Wisdom redux: wisdom is not a particular type of knowledge—the wise man tries to shed knowledge, to be without particular knowledge. His province is to see—not to “know” in the sense that he has a particular technical skill; and the means by which he sees is associated with certain verifiable “powers”.

Hence I stare at a candle for one hour every night—it is a discipline to focus my consciousness, to clear my mind. I have done similar exercises before—once I lay in a park for nine hours, nine minutes, and nine seconds; and, at the end, I am sure the clouds above me began to move in flux, to expose empty squares of space as they jumped about. I have also stared at a white wall for seven or eight hours—just to see if I could.

I noticed that after I stared at the candle the next day I had an image of a candle in my mind—though it was not the candle I stared at in the night. It was not a memory, it was an image of another candle—perhaps surrounded by hooded monks, very cosy. That is to say, I ignited the internal candle—the spiritual candle within me—through a symbolic operation (as above, so below). Even now, I can see the candle that burns inside me.

Fire is a primal magical operation—the fires of Mithras, the fires of the Zoroastrians. It is connected to the Aryan route of purification—I have lit the candle inside which can never be extinguished.

As a further exercise, I stare at myself in the bathroom mirror for 40 minutes—the room is darkened, with a candle placed behind me so that I cannot see it but yet so that it illuminates the room. In this exercise, it is said your face should change into other faces before, after weeks, it vanishes altogether—then you should close your eyes (and discover who you really are).

I never had many faces, save once, long ago, the image of a grey alien—probably the spiritual entity “Lem” that Crowley encountered. Now, very quickly, my whole face vanishes in the mirror so that there is nothing there at all. Then I close my eyes and a voice speaks from my anterior, it says: “Prophet”, “Alpha and Omega”, “The one who has come”. That is to reach the absolute personality, for beyond the voices there is a blankness—then you have arrived.

People who take magic mushrooms and DMT speak of “machine elves” and other images—you see these things on the way down to the bottom. It is usual to see gods and goddesses as you descend to the absolute personality—these images, from your own psyche (what most people who think they hear the voice of God hear), will pass away. People involved in profane activities likes psychedelic drugs mistake them for actual beings, but this is just an intermediate stage that you must go through.

I saw similar images at the Rollright Stones, a field of yellow static and a goat’s head (Pan, perhaps). But if you go further down, as I did at Hartsfell last time, you arrive at glowing red shapes (a triangle in a square)—and these relate to the chakras. People confuse the visions and material from their own psyche for gods and so on and become entranced by them, but these are actual distractions—or just mile markers.

The “other world” is an impersonal reality. In our times, very sentimental and feminised, people cannot deal with the fact that these forces are impersonal like x-rays (though strictly metaphysical, not material in any way). There is no personal survival after death—there is no “reunion with your family and your dead pets bathed in light”. But there is a supra-personal survival, at least for some people.

Just as you say to a child “the x-ray takes a picture of your inside”, whereas an x-ray is more complicated than that, religions, especially in these times, tell people there is a personal survival—but it’s more analogous to material science than not, your soul is more like an x-ray.

These entities exist at another level entirely where most human concerns do not apply, hence their mysterious nature from man’s perspective—which is mysterious, in part, because it is impersonal (and also hence their indifference to man’s usual imprecations—not being burdened by most human desires).

For sure, these forces could appear as a god-man, like Thor, if they wanted—but for those who gno they do not, they appear as balls of light or flecks of light or as mobile stars (per the Magi and Jesus, and likely the “burning bush” seen by Moses)

Indeed, the Jews were probably turned to Satan by Abraham, who was told to “abandon star worship”; and he was likely told that by a star-like entity that was jealous and greedy and wanted to deprive the other stars of any attention (deprive the Godhead too)—stars cropped up anyway, in the Abrahamic faiths, notably with Jesus and the faithful as stars in the heavens. This one, “the jealous one”, must have been a low-level entity that had not fully entered the exulted supra-personal realms and so was still jealous and vengeful, not being noble sentiments at all.

True action is not the way we rush about and try to manipulate the world today—true action comes from wisdom, from internal stillness (to emulate the centre, the unmoved mover). This is actionless action—it “travels without moving”. It is knowledgeless knowledge, it is the opposite to the profane knowledge that everyone is so entranced with today—people do a lot, it is true, but they are mostly busy doing nothing. Hence the sage knows there is nowhere to go because he has already arrived—he is the centre; his body itself is analogous to the centres of initiation, to the world axis. It is real knowledge—wisdom.


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