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Προφητεία (74)

So I’ve made some dire prognostications—what are the practical implications? In the first place, just because you live in a down-going time doesn’t mean that you can’t take responsible action to guide the down-going to a soft landing. This requires realism—it is pointless to imagine that everything is going to be restored in your lifetime; it takes a long time for nations to bleed out, it takes a long time for nations to be formed.

Relative political developments, like Trump and Brexit, don’t even scratch the surface—and in the terms I talk about, Hermetic terms, have almost no significance at all. I don’t think anything I write here would mean very much to the average Conservative supporter, for example—and it would be taken, in all likelihood, as “weird” and “peculiar” (most terrible crimes for a person of a conservative disposition).

After the Cultural Revolution finished in China, it is said there was a Taoist sage who emerged in the city—the people asked him where he’d been while all the excitement had been underway. He replied, “I went for a long walk in the mountains.” This policy, resist not evil, constitutes a prudent reaction to the situation; rather than stay and be martyred or mount a resistance, the sage simply absented himself for a long walk.

It’s prudent because you notice the people who really get torn apart in progressive situations are men like Russell Brand—men who have been on board with the program and then express minor reservations. It’s the small deviation, like the difference between Stalin and Trotsky, that causes vituperative quarrels. It’s the narcissism of minor differences—people who mumble about astrology and the kali-yuga tend to be ignored because their views are incomprehensible and border on madness for the mainstream.

So it’s pointless to involve yourself in any direct political activity, or any attempt to change state policy and so on. If you think as I do, on the supra-mundane level, there are forces in operation here that are beyond man and are genuinely Satanic.

Nationalists, populists, and men like Trump might be well intentioned, but they have no comprehension as to what they deal with—and would struggle to take it seriously if you told them (further, it is far from certain that these people have not been “turned”, signed up for some secret association that appears benign to them, without their own knowledge).

Most thinkers on the right who think it all the way through decide that a nation’s strength derives from its rural hinterland, and so advocate a return to the land. This is complicated in modernity, in a country like Britain, because techno-science has remade the land too—perhaps 1.3% of the population works on the land, and any English village is as much about holiday homes as being a working community.

Further, the state intends to “salt the roots”—which is why I hear endless adverts about “black British farmers”, because the state will insert new immigrants into these positions (a modern farm being far more like a company with salaried employees than a family enterprise).

A “return to the land” also neglects the fact that there is a spiritual struggle too—it’s a form of materialism, based on the idea that if you can get a nucleus to the rural environment regeneration will set in. That is far from certain—the people who work this out will be above-average intelligence, as will their children in all likelihood, and intelligent people leave the countryside to find better opportunities. Unless the children have been, in effect, indoctrinated they will return to the city—attend university and so on.

Now, it is my surmise that we are about to enter a 300-year apocalyptic period—I think the alarmism around climate change in recent decades represents an intimation this is so. I think it will be somewhat like Cormac McCarthy’s The Road—at least in certain places, perhaps America especially. I think this heralds the return of the gods—the global population will be reduced to a significant degree, many nations will be wiped out. Conventional political conditions in this situation are null.

Evola sums up the scene so:

“The essential task ahead requires formulating an adequate doctrine, upholding principles that have been thoroughly studied, and, beginning from these, giving birth to an Order. This elite, differentiating itself on a plane that is defined in terms of spiritual virility, decisiveness, and impersonality, and where every naturalistic bond loses its power and value, will be the bearer of a new principle of a higher authority and sovereignty…”

The mistake people make when they read the passage above from Evola is to try to go about it directly—make a website with runic designs or Celtic crosses and get the “elite” to sign up. It never works that way—that is “trying”, as the Taoists say.

Look, I’m not interested in religion or the Holy Grail—not at all. But you write about it all the time. Yes, apparently I do—but I’m not like someone who has Edwardian prints about the Grail, listens to Wagner all the time (I can’t stand Wagner), and has Grail “paraphernalia”. The last thing you want if you want to cultivate a spiritual elite is people who think, “Oh yes! I’ve always wanted to be a spiritual elite!”.

This is because most people don’t know themselves, don’t know what they really want (which is why so many political projects fail). People with “an interest” are filled with desire—I want people with desireless desire.

So I will reform the Roundtable, but none of my Grail knights will be remotely interested in knights in shining armour or chivalry—it will be involuntary, they’ll be chosen to do certain things (whether they’re interested or not). Indeed, this Roundtable might be entirely esoteric—that is to say, I will form it on the symbolic level and its participants will never meet or even know what commands them.


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