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Προφητεία (72)

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Bibhu Dev Misra: you may recall the Hindu concept of the yuga cycle—so divided into 4 ages (the Golden Age, the Silver Age, the Bronze Age, and the Iron Age). The cycle is said to take 4.3M years to complete—and we are in the kali-yuga, the Age of Iron, when virtue dwindles until it extinguishes and all rites and rituals are forgotten (indeed, virtue decreases by ¼ in each cycle—so that this age starts with only ¼ of virtue remaining, until it dwindles to nil; and the same goes for the human lifespan—once numbered in hundreds of years, and now so reduced to 70).

Well, Misra has recalculated the cycle—so the conventional pattern holds that the kali-yuga started in about 3,102 BC and will run about 432,000 years (in other words, we have a long way to go). However, Misra thinks that due to what Dante would called “anagogic” and “allegoric” reasons the yuga cycle may have been greatly inflated so as to make the decline in virtue and decline in lifespan match the progression of the years. However, if you remove the didactic element you come out with a yuga cycle of 12,000 years—with each age lasting 3,000 years (with 300 years of turbulence as a transition between each period).

This corresponds to various cataclysmic events in the distant past—it marries up with Hebrew mythology as regards the date of the world’s creation and the great Mahabharata War (about 3,000 BC—so described by the eponymous Indian epic). It also marries up with the Heraclitean “Great Year”—which is 12,000 years long.

Misra’s work is like Hamlet’s Mill (1969), but it’s more precise—it gives exact dates. Hamlet’s Mill is a dull read, though it shocked academics, because it fails to get to the point—the lead author, Giorgio Diaz de Santilla, was the son of a Tunisian Jew, an expert in Islamic jurisprudence, which is where he picked up his esoteric knowledge. But he’s still too academic, even if academics hate him.

Anyway, the upshot from Misra’s calculations is that the kali-yuga will end in 2025. That means that 2025 will herald the start of 300 years of absolute destruction in order to prepare the way for the new Golden Age. This interests me, because 2025 is about the time Strauss and Howe reckon “the fourth turning” should occur in America—a time of crisis comparable to WWII (indeed, it could be another civil war—if the Americans keep locking up Trump and his associates). Further, if you use Glubb Pasha’s model for the rise and fall of empires, 2025 is about the time American imperial power should culminate and then decline precipitously.

Further evidence this is the end of the yuga cycle—the gods have returned, so recognised as the “UFOs”, and are making their presence known ever-more insistently. These are “the lights in the sky” spoken about in Christian end times mythology (which only has a fragment of the full world story). And we see complete inversion in America—the dichotomy of male and female is destroyed under the banner “LGBT” (indeed, I heard two men complaining in a canal-side pub somewhere between Birmingham and Oxford that one man’s daughter teaches primary school and has one “non-binary” girl already).

The symbol of the link between man and the divine, the rainbow, has become inverted—can we go any lower than that?

Indeed, Misra points out that his revised 12,000-year chronology marries up very nicely with global cataclysms—such as glacial melts (or, you could say, the great flood—as recorded in all world religions, even in the mythology of the remote South American tribe the Yanomami). The end of the kali yuga will be heralded by climate change, floods, plagues, and war. It will be very like the Cormac McCarthy novel The Road (2006)—which I believe to be prophetic. All civilisation will fall—the slate will be wiped (that’s what happened to Atlantis and Hyperborea before, you know).

The mistake men like Misra and Hancock make is that they think the gods will return to teach the survivors from our civilisation the embryonic versions of the skills we have today—like Prometheus. Hancock and Misra are still too modern. In fact, the gods will return as the 300-year period ends but what they will teach will be the spiritual science. They will teach the survivors how to purify the magical will, to live in pure spirit and not in matter—hence there will be no violence and no discord, the Edenic state will return. Lives will last up to 1,000 years before we again begin to decline into matter, into the Silver Age.

This idea that the gods will return to teach the survivors of a cataclysm also accords with the Mother Shipton prophecies. It’s connected to a common Indo-Aryan religion—for, as Misra observes, Mount Meru in India (key initiatic centre) was really a temple to Dionysus (as recognised by Alexander when he arrived there, for Dionysus and Rama are the same god).

The tradition is polar—for, at the beginning of each yuga, seven rishis appear to guide mankind (the seven being the seven stars of the Great Bear—of Arktos; of Arthur). Naturally, I serve Alkaid—the pinion, the point of the handle, the end of the tail. Alkaid, destroyer-of-nations. Lo! Clear the path—pull down the walls, let the Age of Iron fall!

There are many other correspondences of interest when the yuga cycle is revised to 12,000 years—not least between Hesiod and Heraclitus. It resolves the disjunction between the European and Indian traditions—since both are, in fact, a common Aryan tradition. Religions like Christianity and Islam represent an off-shoot from this tradition, based on traditions stolen from the Aryan Egyptians and prevalent in our age because we live in an ignoble and debased time. The time is short—the New Atlantis, America, under the thrall of Satan, will soon fall.


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