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Προφητεία (69)

The rainbow flag, what makes it Satanic? The rainbow is a symbol of the union of heaven and earth—it’s “the pontifex”, the bridge. It’s why Böhme experienced sudden enlightenment when he looked into a drop of water—he saw two rainbows meet in the drop. When the two rainbows meet, they form a complete circle (the ouroboros) and become eternal—so a rainbow always seeks its corresponding rainbow (as above, so below—the central Hermetic principle).

You may have noticed that the rainbow flag is often painted on street crossings. It’s very odd if you think about it—you wouldn’t do it to any other flag; if someone did it to the Stars and Stripes or the Union Jack you’d be really insulted—it’s remarkable how quickly those crossing flags get blackened by all the footprints…

At one level, it shows the whole exercise is a sick joke—the people represented under the LGBT flag are not respected, even by those who claim to honour the flag. They’re still dirt to be walked on, the whole exercise is a parody of “respect”. The left victimises the victims—a parallel could be drawn to the fate of the peasants and workers in the USSR (the state that was nominally for them showed them no mercy).

However, at another level, it is more sinister: the rainbow represents the union between spirit and matter, between man and Godhead. It is now a policy in Western states to take that symbol and have people walk over it. Is that not exactly what a Satanic organisation would do? As noted ad nauseam at this point, the LGBT symbol is also a unicorn—ancient symbol of Satan.

From this perspective, a notable video where police horses refuse to walk over an LGBT crossing, shy away from it, takes on a different complexion. The common interpretation, the secular interpretation, is that the horses don’t want anything to do with that “pervy gay stuff”, but the esoteric explanation is that the horses, being innocent, after a fashion, refuse to walk over a sacred symbol (which man has forgotten is sacred). Of course, horses walk over these crossings all the time, but it’s that one occasion that went viral that makes it symbolic and notable.

To associate “pride” with this symbol is to invert it. To achieve union with the Godhead you must abnegate your ordinary personality, not become proud—that is the Satanic inversion that takes place with this symbol. Indeed, the whole idea of union with the Godhead is trampled on—literally. So it’s Satanism.

This is the official position taken up by the American government—and that, in turn, makes the American government Satanic. America herself is Satanic and has been from her inception (the owls screeched outside my window as I composed the last sentence, confirmation it is true). Founded on treason, the crime that causes you to occupy the lowest circle of hell, America has steadily sunk into total Satanism—along the way, she has implicated the entire West in the scheme (as overseen by the Jews and the Freemasons, who control the country completely).

Hence America must be obliterated, totally and completely. Hence I say: Alkaid, destroyer-of-nations, come down; Alkaid, destroyer-of-nations, come down; Alkaid, destroyer-of-nations, come down. You are the pinion upon which the axis turns, you are the leader of the funeral bier—you are the singer of the lament. O Alkaid, come down—come down, O Alkaid. I summon you, Alkaid—I call you, destroy the Satanic entity, destroy the United States and her master Israel. Alkaid, you have always been in my eyes—you drew me upwards, Alkaid. O Alkaid, end this reign of darkness—end this reign of Satan. I implore you, O Alkaid.

I summon the gods to return, I summon the gods to return, I summon the gods to return. I call Hyperborea back, I call Hyperborea back, I call Hyperborea back. O gods, I summon you in the hour of our need—come back that we may pour libations to you. Come back that we may pour the sweet milk from our cows on your altars! Come that we may smear honey on your statues! Come that we may pour wine, deepest red, from our vats upon your sacred precincts.

I am the limit stone, first command of the gods—to establish the boundaries. Long forgotten, long forgotten, long forgotten.

Let the two rainbows be joined, let the two rainbows be joined, let the two rainbows be joined. Let heaven marry the earth, O gods—this is my wish, this is my command. Hear me, O gods—and let the foundations of the unrighteous shake. Do this, O gods, do this and have mercy upon us—I will give my blood if you do this for us, O gods. I will offer you my blood, nay to the last drop (let it redeem me, O gods). Let the unrighteous tremble—let America fall, let Israel fall, let Satan fall. Hear me, O gods.

This is my command—I am the builder of the temple, I am the servitor of the circle. Come down, come down, come down—and let thy will be done. I see the flame in my mind—I see the fire, I see the holy fire. Let it cleanse the land—let it cleanse America, let it cleanse Israel, let it cleanse Europa. Let it leave them stainless—let it reveal Hyperborea, O gods! Let what is unseen become seen, O gods—let the veil be torn.

It comes in the blue light, electric blue—blue as ice in her eyes, blue as the northern glaciers. Let it die by fire and ice—let the candle run into the wax, let the storm come. I breathe in the smoke from the candle, its scent is on my fingers—I have stared at the fire.

I say this with no emotion, O gods—the wind blows through me, let justice be done.


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