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Προφητεία (59)

Aliens and UFOs: it’s not in this clip, but elsewhere this guy talks about misinformation campaigns—how the government runs disinformation campaigns, and it’s clear from his body language that it causes him distaste; but the contextual information indicates that his distaste is about his own participation in a disinformation campaign. That is to say, his whole “whistleblower” persona is itself part of a disinformation campaign to throw us off the UFO scent.

This is also apparent in this clip because he rolls out the wider narrative: “government and evil corporations”—elsewhere he talks about how the UFOs and their technology are hidden from us in order to create a “neo-feudal” situation. These are talking points from the left—greedy corporations, nasty aristocrats.

This content to his story, plus his body language, indicates that he is the disinformation campaign—with the idea being the government has all this alien technology stashed away that it only shares with greedy corporations; so everything is understood—as it happens, elsewhere he suggests he thinks the aliens are inter-dimensional creatures (and he’s sincere about that); he’s a very competent physicist, won various elite scholarships in physics, so we can probably trust him on that.

He comes over a bit weird because he’s on the spectrum—so that’s not to do with how honest he is. It’s my view that, for the most part, the government doesn’t know what the UFOs are—except at the top levels (not people out front, like Biden, who are just stooges). Rather, I think that the initiates, probably in high-grade masonry, know the UFOs are the vimanas, the chariots of the gods—they keep this information secret because they serve Satan, and they wouldn’t be able to exert control over this plane of reality if the truth were more widely known.

Hence you get disinformation campaigns like this one, where we’re told the UFOs are “a technology” from an unknown source, but we’re thrown down a blind alley about private corporations being selfish with technology.

You can tell there’s “something up” with UFOs because there’s a euphemism treadmill around them—we’ve gone from UFO to UAP; and that’s the same as going from negro to black to African-American. When there’s a euphemism treadmill in operation, you can be sure something is being lied about—some aspect to reality is being covered up; and that’s why we know UFOs are a real issue—otherwise there would be no euphemism in operation.

If it were just secret aircraft, they’d just deny it—but it isn’t, there’s something out there beyond their control that they want to keep secret. Generally, a bit like disproportionate black crime rates, it’s something that, if revealed, would damage the regime’s legitimacy—for example, the proposition “all individuals are the same, race is irrelevant”; in this case, the proposition they want to defend is “naïve materialism is true, there are no gods or god-like entities”.

So that’s why they lie about it all the time—and that’s why they put out disinformation about it all the time. Hollywood generally tells you “aliens” are evil—except, perhaps, the odd film like ET (in which ET is, incidentally, grotesque in appearance and mostly helpless). Hollywood also generally portrays the aliens as material creatures from other worlds, not inter-dimensional travellers—so it always makes them mundane.

Nolan’s Interstellar (2014) is an exception in this regard, in which the “aliens” are humans far in the future who have assumed an energy-only existence in a post-time “matrix”—notably, Nolan is European and his films tend to be more European than most Semitic-inflected Hollywood products.

I suggested the other day that the UFOs might be sent back in time from an AI at the end of time to aid its construction—I don’t really buy that, since they tend to appear in nature and to people involved in the natural world in an innocent way; further, if UFOs were somehow connected to computers we’d expect to see manifestations (small orbs of light etc) around computers now, as an intimation as to what will develop—but we don’t, computers are almost the opposite to UFOs (could that be because computers are Satanic? Part of the reign of quantity?)/

It’s certainly disputable that computers have improved human life—the main effect from computers being to make everything very shallow, since the speed with which they interconnect reduces depth; hence you can speak to someone in Indonesia from Britain in a second but all you can say is “lol”.

The video above depicts the famous tic-tac UFOs, as sighted off the USS Nimitz in 2004, and the painting below was done by Julius Evola in the 1910s. At the time, Evola had been just beginning his magical explorations in the Eternal (occult) City Rome—he did things like crawl into old Roman catacombs, set up a tripod, and perform magical rites in the gloom (with hooded acolytes, no doubt—you can’t do this sort of thing without hooded acolytes).

I’ve mentioned this before, but what strikes me is the similarities between the tic-tac UFOs and Evola’s “cosmic eggs” that seem to zip about the painting. Could it not be that Evola’s paintings, all with esoteric themes, depict objects from another dimension—the vimanas, the chariots of the gods? Could it not be that is the explanation for the tic-tac UFOs and their remarkable properties, that seem to defy modern scientific explanation?

Further, could it be, as suggested by Serrano, that these are some sort of Indo-Aryan cosmic energy devices, so activated by yoga, that are concealed from us because our regime is dominated by Judeo-Masonry? And is that why the Churches, also influenced by Semitic thought, condemn “lights in the sky” as Satanic—even though a “light in the sky”, the Star of Bethlehem, led the Magi to Jesus? Could this all be a ploy to keep people, particularly the Europeans, tied to Satanic matter? I think it’s really quite possible. **** * * *


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