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Προφητεία (50)

Chaos magicians: Peter J. Carroll, founder of Chaos Magic, is a Capricorn—which is ironic, because Capricorn is the “civilisation” sign. The Capricorn is a diligent and hard worker—and he takes everything very seriously (though he has wit as he works—as Carroll does, as his fellow Capricorn Nick Land has). You might think that it’s paradoxical for the founder of “Chaos Magic” to be born under a “serious” star sign—perhaps a strike against astrology—and yet, however, it’s not quite so. After all, Carroll did create the system Chaos Magic—even chaos needs a system, and Carroll worked in a diligent way to provide one (to provide the paradox).

If you listen to interviews with Carroll, you’ll find he’s a serious man—and he doesn’t like slackers. He’ll complain that people come onto his message boards and expect to have their hands held through magical operations, whereas Carroll expects people to do the “hard yards” and work it out for themselves. It’s a “conservative” approach, if you like—“Thatcherite”. You have to work it out for yourself and you have to bootstrap it. No handouts.

So it’s in that respect you find the serious hard-worker Carroll—even to be chaotic takes hard work, so it turns out. It’s not easy to be random—you have to work at it. Of course, elsewhere in his chart Carroll has some seriously anarchic elements—sadly, as with Nick Land, I can’t do a detailed read for Carroll because I don’t have his birth time. However, I can get the broad outline.

So Carroll (btw, is there a kinship with Lewis Carroll and Alice-through-the-looking-glass here?) has Venus in Pisces—people like this tend to think that everything is holy; from the humble cockroach to the soaring eagle, it’s all holy to them. Essentially, they love the whole universe. As is to be expected, these people live a rollercoaster life—they want to reach love and beauty but they’re going to have to go to the lowest point to get it (like Dante).

This fits with Chaos Magic, it doesn’t exclude anything—it does things like suggest you should change beliefs from week to week, be a Christian one week and a Satanist the next and a Marxist the week after. This all fits with “love everything, from the cockroach to the eagle”—nothing is left out. Although Carroll wouldn’t put it in these sickly sentimental terms “it’s all God in the end”—however repulsive or bad it gets. The idea that “the lows lead to the highs” fits in with this metaphysic—and with the use of drugs in Chaos Magic (nothing off the table).

Carroll has his Lilith in Virgo “rebellion against order” (well, duh) and also “provocative humour“—the perfect situation for the founder of Chaos Magic. These people tend to suppress their sensuality to appear calm and collected—but they can come over as perverted and cold; they find it hard to relax. Chaos Magic, with its sexual rites (on the table), might have helped Carroll express himself in that regard.

Carroll also has Uranus in Cancer—people like that do not believe in traditional family values, tend to experiment sexually (often with things not usually accepted in that realm). They can be unruly, defiant, and unpredictable—chaotic, you might say. Again, Chaos Magic provides maximum scope—sex magic, perhaps?—to fulfil these astral requirements.

With Mercury in Capricorn, Carroll has a serious nature that needs to provide evidence for its findings—Carroll trained as a physicist (did a degree in physics, anyway) and his Chaos Magic eventually took on quite a physics-heavy form, being presented as equations and melded with quantum theory. It’s a material underpinning for his magical explorations, partly because Chaos Magic is based off Crowley’s ”scientific” approach (it “rejects”, insofar as Chaos Magic rejects anything, astrology on the same grounds as Crowley).

I’m not sure what Carroll does for a living, but in interviews he mentions how he broke off from magical pursuits to make money for a time—and that fits with his Jupiter in Taurus, these people value money and social status (and the comforts that flow from them). These people like to grow assets and manage money, sometimes for other people. Before he settled down, Carroll ventured to India—where at one point he restored a boat and crewed it. I get the impression he led that operation.

Carroll has Mars in Pisces—these people like to work in remote places, like oil rigs, and they exercise “detached authority”. They work indirectly and with delicacy—it fits with a man who founded and leads a secret Hermetic order. With Neptune in Libra, Carroll is also someone with artistic potential and a talent for new ideas—these people create in an intuitive way; and, although presented in a scientific way, Chaos Magic has a strong artistic component. However, Neptune brings “lack of clarity” and a “negative aspect” into relationships (in other words, chaos).

Indeed, Carroll has Saturn in Libra—Saturn’s role is to teach people, it’s about maturity and time. What does Carroll need to learn about? This alignment is all about the need to balance the demands of society on the one hand and the desires of the individual on the other—and that’s Carroll’s basic dilemma, because he’s a man who is systematic and hard-driven but who has a desire for all-embracing experimentation, particularly sexual; and that’s reflected in the magical system or, in effect, religion he created in his youth.

The problem is that it was created in his youth, when he hadn’t learned how to balance these two demands yet—so Chaos Magic still contains the tendency to embrace “everything” as ultimately “good” (or divine, anyway) and to seek union with “the all” through highs and lows (often sex and drugs—perhaps even rock ‘n’ roll, which is a euphemism for sex anyway, the rockin’ and rollin’ in bed). It’s not malevolent, but it is risky. Chaos.


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