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Προφητεία (36)

Horoscopes: to continue the theme today, let’s take a look at Elon Musk’s star sign—Cancer, the crab. The Crab is as you would expect it to be—it’s in its shell; and, sure enough, Musk is a shy person, I think. His contributions on social media are quite laconic and not overly expressive—and he’s usually very to the point in conversations. So this is his “in-drawing, clinging to” nature—he’s said he’s slightly autistic and that’s consistent with Cancer, friendly but shy (a bit like the Doge he likes so much, really).

Cancer also represents “the breasts”—if you look at the symbol for this star sign it could be a crab’s pincers or a pair of tits. So it’s not necessarily that the Cancer is “crabby” and irritable—the Cancer wants to nourish and protect, it’s quite a feminine sign. If the Cancer is snippy, it’s because they want to defend their brood.

Family is important to a Cancer—they can be clannish. A Cancer woman will be maternal and a Cancer man protective. If you look at Musk’s social media posts, you find he often pictures himself with family—with his children. He likes to extol family life and a big family—and that’s very Cancer. I looked into Musk’s natal chart in depth and men with his particular birth location and time often have unhappy childhoods; and so Musk is probably very keen, as a Cancer, to “catch up” with a warm family life now. Sure enough, he has a big brood or clan—10 children.

It’s like those crabs you see with hundreds of eggs carried beneath them for protection, little orange soft-shelled pearls. This protective theme is carried on in Musk’s wider projects, because he wants to go to Mars—and a major reason is to save mankind in case there is an asteroid impact that wipes out life on Earth. Again, Musk is the protective crab—the protective Cancer—except this time for the whole human race; and, further, a spacecraft is itself a shell for people to inhabit—it’s an environment that would attract a Cancer.

At base, the Cancer is emotional and intuitive—and also passive; but they have an enterprising quality. I think if you watch Musk he’s clearly not the life and soul of the party—he’s not a Leo, like Trump, who wants to be in the limelight. He’s quietly there with his Doge memes—protective and emotional, easily hurt beneath the crab armour (autism—naively friendly people who need to shut down to survive in an aggressive world).

Yet the outward Cancer appearance is always toughness and self-assurance. Again, Musk is often compared to the comic book character Tony Stark—a billionaire who has his “Ironman” suit. Musk is a man with an Ironman suit—he can look quite tough and harsh, even forbidding, at times; but that’s the suit—underneath, he’s Doge.

So the sensitive Cancer does need to be able to withdraw for security—to the family, to the clan (Cancers tend to be patriotic—and Musk is patriotic towards his adopted country, America, and, I think, still retains patriotic sentiments for South Africa). Cancers like to collect—and Musk has collections of cars and watches (though perhaps all billionaires end up collecting things).

This is really an artistic and intuitive type, although Musk is associated with technology—then again, is he the man who makes the technology or is he “the vision guy”? How many patents does he have? I think he’s more about the vision—Cancer easily allows emotions to colour their thoughts; and they face a conflict between their outgoingness (friendly Doge) and the desire to protect themselves (Ironman).

It’s actually quite a moody type—subject to insecurity, self-pity, inferiority, and over-emotionality. It does best in areas that are not too discordant—areas that involve economisation and shrewdness (Musk’s business side). I doubt his companies are filled with discord—I get the impression that the environment at, for example, SpaceX is quite calm and “engineer-focused”, not melodramatic and filled with huge fights.

Musk does cause controversy sometimes, but if you notice it’s usually quite light-hearted and “Dogey”—and then he’ll retreat back into the shell if things get too conflictual. His basic instinct is to protect and nourish—to build a womb and protect. This sign is associated with the sea and the water—and, interestingly, Musk decided to place his rocket recovery system on boats (which I suppose was done for a technical reason but most people would have thought dry land would be easier).

Yet whatever he does, safety is paramount—even Teslas are sold on their safety; and that’s a real concern for Cancers; and, indeed, sometimes they don’t give their children enough independence.

Specific: Musk has Mars in Aquarius and for people like that it’s important to be somehow unusual—they have to do something that marks them out; if they’re doing what everyone is doing they get withdrawn. You notice Musk has “antics”, like buying Twitter, that don’t make sense to people—that’s his Mars in Aquarius. People like this like to resist systems. Musk also has Mars in the eleventh House—people like that try to make their ideals real (Mars rocket, the electric car—he always wanted these things). They’re known to get into trouble sometimes, but always work hard.

Indeed, musk has Jupiter in Scorpio—people like that are limited by what is irresistible to them. Their life philosophy, conscious or not, is “no pain, no gain”. They don’t like superficial happiness and think you have to work for real happiness—they’re drawn to the dark and mysterious as this works itself out (often cathartically through sex). With Jupiter in the 8th House, Musk belongs to a group that knows how to handle money that belongs to others and to make money on things other people consider unprofitable (Twitter? Electric cars?). Overall, Musk is an artistically-inclined nurturer surrounded by a defensive shell.


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