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Προφητεία (34)

A rune with a view: the Zodiac serial killer was very obviously Arthur Lee Allen, as you can tell from his interviews—when asked if he was the killer he replied, “Nothing is further from my mind.” How about just “no”?.

The other evidence—he owned a Zodiac brand watch with the serial killer’s trademark logo on it, the Zodiac communicated in codes and Allen was seen with codebooks, he used the same typewriter type the Zodiac used to write to the police, he was overheard using odd phrases that only the Zodiac used in his letters to police, he worked in a chemical plant and was a trained chemist (the Zodiac made detailed bomb threats), he had a limp like the Zodiac, he knew the areas where the Zodiac murders took place, he was fired from a school for child sex-abuse and the Zodiac threatened school busses (child rapists tend to hate children)…it just went on and and on…

The problem was that all this evidence was circumstantial—there was more than I’ve detailed here, but the police were never able to finger Allen exactly.

The code the Zodiac used included many runic symbols—apart from the medieval “Zodiac alphabet”—and, on closer analysis, some of the runes spelt out the initials “LA”; and these were Arthur Lee Allen’s preferred initials. Serial killers often like to confess or to “help” the police—and, indeed, Allen, after he had been interviewed, dropped the police officer who interviewed him a note to say that it was a shame he couldn’t be more helpful and that if there was anything he could do, just let him know…

Of course, he’d confessed to the crimes in the letters; and the way he deployed his rune sigils even indicated the number of victims he’d killed. Psycholinguistic analysis indicated discretionary illiteracy—that the Zodiac preferred the passiveness of pictures, TV, and movies; and that he had narcissistic and infantile traits, as well as a tendency towards magical thinking. Well, no kidding…his letters and communications with the police and press (the letters were sent to the main California newspapers) were just vast magical spells.

As it happens, Allen, in Zodiac persona, said that he wanted to kill people so that they would be his “slaves in the afterlife”—and I think we can take that to be his true motivation. Aside from being seen with codebooks, he was also seen with books on the occult—serial killers often have this occult association, as with Jeffrey Dahmer and his “circles within circles” and his desire to make an altar decorated with his victims. In a more recent case, Wayne Couzens, a British policeman, was convicted for murder a few years ago—he was decorated with black sun tattoos and other esoteric symbols. Again—there was some occult element to the crimes that went unexplored by the mass media. After all, it is all about “the ritual in the dark”.

I think that, as with the Savile case (Savile being a wizard), the reason Lee Allen was not caught—the reason he died of a heart attack in the early 90s, when the crimes took place in the 70s—is that he was enchanted; he had thrown a cloak of invisibility around him. Indeed, he was said to wear ring that was carved with a “Z” but also with various occultic symbols, including a one-eyed god (Odin, I presume). I suspect that this granted him invisibility, along with his other magical spells (there is an association between Odin and invisibility).

William S. Burroughs, in magical mode, experimented with invisibility in Tangiers—it’s not literal invisibility, as in the “invisible man”, but rather the case that though people see you they never remember they saw you and somehow are never able to connect your presence there at that time to other events.

You’re “there but not there”—and that’s the way in which Savile and Allen were invisible; they were “hiding in plain sight”, in effect—there was loads of evidence they were up to something, there were police efforts to probe them, and yet, somehow, nobody could quite connect the dots (that’s magical enchantment).

So that’s how the Zodiac escaped detection—and his aspirations should be taken in a literal sense, I think. He really did expect these people to serve him as slaves in the afterlife—which, funnily enough, now I come to mention it, is just exactly what Jeffrey Dahmer wanted. You may recall that Dahmer drilled holes the heads of his victims, then poured caustic substances into them—his intention was to make “zombies” (slave-servants who would “never leave him”). Two paranormal serial killers with the same aspiration.

I thought Dahmer was possessed by a Red Indian spirit, an wendigo—but it seems Allen was more together than Dahmer, he was able to make conscious decisions about his sigils and make sophisticated codes (perhaps his interest in cryptography was sparked in the navy—he may have received training there). The Allen motivation seems to have been more Norse—along with the zodiac angle—and there’s some indication that he wanted to draw a giant “Z” across California with the locations of his murders. He was protected by magic, runic magic, first to last.

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