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Προφητεία (19)

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Message to the Muslims and the Christians: I will not compel you to change your faith—I will not threaten you with hell or burn down your temples (that is what the “children of Abraham” do). However, I will tell you the actuality as regards your situation—since truthfulness is not valued in your religions, and lies are. You have hitched your star to the Jewish wagon—your purpose, in an indirect and alchemical way, is to help the Jewish people achieve their destiny. Yes—you fight with the Jews (especially you Muslims, Mohammad slaughtered entire Jewish tribes); yet, just as Westerners are sometimes slaughtered with their own machine-guns, so too the Jews are sometimes slaughtered by their own belief-based weapons.

In fact, if you know anything about alchemy you will know that blood is the most powerful way to actuate any magical spell. Alchemy is dialectical—Hegel derived his ideas from kabbalah and Marx was an expert kabbalist (cabal-ist) (indeed, this address could also be taken to be applied to the Marxists too—that is the third “religion” the Jews invented). Since alchemy is dialectical and kabbalah is alchemy, it works by conflict between opposites that move to a higher level.

So this is what happened, the Jews, a slave race, stole Egyptian magic (as is stated in the Bible—they stole the Ark of the Covenant etc), and then tapped into some peculiar deity in the desert. A jealous, nasty deity—“YHWH”. A deity that may well be Satanic. This was to be expected, because they were magical amateurs who engaged in acts that were beneath the dignity of the Egyptian high priests (like calling up plagues of frogs and locusts and so on). The magic so acquired was used to develop religions—Christianity, Islam, and Marxism—to help the Jews achieve their destiny. Although these religions would conflict with the Jews, the conflict would move them through a dialectical process to a higher level—ultimately, all were “children of Abraham”; ultimately, all held “Moses to be holy”—even if they squabbled.

For individual Christians and Muslims (and Marxists), it would often seem like “they” were the chosen people—the new chosen people—whereas the Jews were damned; and yet they were always in relation to the Jews, emanated from the Jews—somehow they were dependent upon them. This was no mistake—for they never were “the New Zion”; they were merely instruments of not so much the Jews as this YHWH character (whatever he wants—whatever he’s up to, this jealous desert-dweller who hates everyone except himself and calls it “love”).

So all the pointless wars between Christianity and Islam—between Marxism and Christianity, between Islam and Communism (in Afghanistan, say)—were alchemical operations, blood offerings to YHWH. As I say, in magic there is no more effective actuation than blood. It’s why child sacrifice is still practiced—just for very specific magical goals, for specific rituals (in the dark).

There are other organisations as well, of course—the Freemasons, who are Noahides (so engaged in a project to build the Temple—for the Jews). Now, they fight with the Christians, with the Catholics, but again it’s an alchemical reaction. The Christians killed off the pagan gods, so that Europeans had no optimal spiritual protection—then the Freemasons killed off the belief in the residual Jewish substitute god for Gentiles, Jesus Christ.

So again, it’s the dialectic at work—as they fight, they work towards a position where Jewish power increases. The Christians destroy all idols, then the Freemasons and Marxists come in to be “rationalists”—to eliminate any residual spiritual protection whatsoever. At the end of the alchemical operation, all the forces will have used themselves up and only the Jews will remain—the Christians, Muslims, Marxists, and Freemasons will have killed each other off in their wars and with their bizarre beliefs (LGBT+ and other “progressive” beliefs derived from Masonry) and in the process they “terraform” (terror-form) the planet for the Jews to dominate it.

This process has been underway for thousands of years—and I judge it to be quite close to completion. The “great work”, the alchemical work, is nearly complete. Every office of power in the West (in China and Russia too) is occupied by a Freemason or a Jew—the power is total. When you become a Freemason, even if you think it’s just a joke or just “silly fun”, you become an initiate—you open yourself up to a supra-personal force that will direct your actions and put certain “opportunities” before you. Most people—say, the 200,000 British Freemasons active today—don’t believe this is real; but it is completely real. They are directed towards certain “ends”, by YHWH.

What I say to Muslims and Christians (and Marxists and Freemasons) is that you don’t have to do it. This is very noble—to sacrifice yourself so the Jews can attain their destiny—but every man has his own destiny (and so does every other nation). Every nation and every individual has a star in the heavens—if you want to lay down your life, your destiny, for another person or another race that is your prerogative but I think it is only fair that I should warn you that you have been tricked. You’ve sold your birthright for a mess of pottage—the Jews being aspirants to be the deceitful Jacob (he who struggles against God—Israel, the land that fights against God; do you understand now?).

Ultimately, this world, now in a severely fallen condition, will be terminated when the gods return—you have been programmed by Hollywood to think that this will an “alien invasion”; and this is because Judeo-Masonry wants to make war on the gods (“struggle against God”, remember). This is futile—the gods can turn their nuclear weapons off with a finger click (often the “UFOs” do so at US military bases as a troll); but bless ’em, the slaves have got to try.


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Some guy with no plan
Some guy with no plan
Aug 07, 2023

We aren't getting on the ships you stupid fuck. Only you are, and you will regret it you tard.


Aug 06, 2023

lol didn't read cunt

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