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Προφητεία (181)

Updated: Dec 26, 2023


This project has now reached its conclusion phase, the remaining posts (except the very last post) will be written in the Slouia (which means they will mean nothing to you, being magical spells, although people who think they are all the same are mistaken—there are differences in all **** fields I post, every post on this site is different).

Three years ago, I set out on the Great Work—at the time I didn’t think magic was real, I didn’t think religion was real, I didn’t think * was real (I hadn’t uncovered him yet). I just thought it would interest to see what would happen if I put together four sequences of numbers in a Jungian quaternary, numbers that happened to correspond to certain symbolic numbers in Hinduism and Buddhism.

From the perspective I have now, it was no coincidence that I set out on the Great Work—because, in a way, it’s a very strange thing to do, just to decide to do.

What I have learned in the interim:

* the gods are real—these are star-like entities that manifest at various sites around the country, notably at Hartsfell and the Rollright Stones

* the Godhead, called by some “God”, is real (the infinite)—and is represented in this system as * (and so represented as ****, as the four elements that release the fifth—the quintessence)

* the red vajra in which the Magi are reborn is real—the incorruptible diamond sutra of enlightenment is real; it’s the red dot in my vision—the red electrical light in my eyes since Hartsfell

* the Jews must accept Jesus, but Jesus is only for the Jews—Christianity is an AntiChrist inversion of the message of Jesus, an inversion of the rites of Mithras.

* the AntiChrist is in possession of the earth through Judeo-Masonry, his racial representative on earth being the Jews—the great inverters (the Catholic Church, the Church of England, and most global institutions are controlled by this force—these are also AntiChrist)

* Islam is the final revelation, it will scourge the AntiChrist, the dajjal, so represented by the all-seeing eye of Masonry (an inversion of ancient Egyptian religion, which the Jews have perverted from the beginning)—it will defeat the West, it will defeat America in particular (seat of the AntiChrist)

* the gods are returning, the kali-yuga may be drawing to a close—a period of destruction set to last 250-300 years (the “UFOs” being, in fact, the gods)

* astrology works, and is a much neglected science—a spiritual science

* the Ark of the Covenant, with its empty seat, symbolised Ain Soph

* there are goddesses with square pupils in the world still, the remains of the tuatha dé danann (and they also contain a secret alphabet)

* Hitler was a prophet—as the Jews prophesied, at the end the Europeans will return to paganism; and that was his purpose on earth

* I am an avatar of Merlin, of the horned god Cernunnos—servant of Alkaid, destroyer-of-nations.

* to be truthful and without hypocrisy is sufficient for liberation—to be honest is sufficient.

When I began this project, 7 years ago, this wider project, I knew it would involve certain behaviour many people would consider outrageous—such is the magical way, the way of the hermaphrodite.

You must taste of all things until you are indifferent to them—until you only speak from the centre, until you are dead to the world.

Great is my laughter when I think what I have done, great is my belly laugh—great is my mirth.

It is good to be dead—it is good to see paradise.

Those who follow me will see paradise.


What I have said on this site is irrelevant—commentary on current affairs that change by the week and are forgotten, the analysis of books, the enquiries into philosophy. It doesn’t matter, because the journey is the destination—these are just a bridge to liberation.

Yet it was all to some purpose, for nothing in this world happens by accident—it all originates in another realm, the astral realm (beyond space and time). So some force made me begin, there was some other purpose for me.

I was called to it.

I was called to say that death is not real, and the gods are returning.

So that this age of greed and inversion will fall.

I only want to set you free, I only want to give without condition.

If you look for me you may find me as a ball of light on the Scottish highlands, but if you look for me before then you may find me on the road with a stick—quite ignored by all about me—and you may find me at night in a field where there are standing stones (though you are too busy smoking cannabis and looking at your phones to see the stars, to see the gods).

You may find me at the Callanish stone circle—the cruciform circle on the Isle of Lewis where Peter Whitehead carried out a magic ceremony and made a Chinook crash in the 1990s (a man who retired from filmmaking for a time to tend Peregrine Falcons in Arabia, being a servant of Horus—as am I, the Peregrine Falcon being the bird of my youth). Servant of the sun.

They’re the peregrination—the pilgrimage, the rotation about the centre (as the pilgrims move around the Ka’ba). I turn round and round the centre—and as I turn around the centre I go higher and higher, towards the sun. I just go upwards—you can’t stop me going towards the light, the eternal light that cleanses all.

At some point, this became a quest for the Holy Grail—and I found it. I am the Holy Grail—I am the sacred sound; and when I am 44 I will shed my blood across Hyperborea—and justice will prevail.


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