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Προφητεία (179)

Afterlife: everything is in decay, everything is a shadow of what it once was—and that includes the afterlife, it isn’t what it was. Further, everything is elitist—so the afterlife is also elitist, only for an elite.

You might think, per Christianity and Islam, it’s for the 144,000 saved (which is pretty elite, for the whole of human history) but, in fact, it’s more elitist than that.

Christianity was invented by Jews in ancient Rome and ancient Greece—it’s spiritual Marxism, it does to spiritual matters what Marxism did to the economy. In other words, if you practice this faith you’re driving a spiritual Lada (you don’t know there are any other cars—that’s it’s possible to make cars that don’t leak all the time—because other car types are banned).

The Christians took what were once elite initiations, in particular the Mithraic rites, and inverted them. Mithras was the god of the legions, so this was a direct inversion—because Christianity is the religion of peace. The Mithraic rites were elitist and secret—the Christian rites are public and plebeian. All shall have salvation, just like all shall have “bread, peace, and land”.

In Mithraic rites you drink the blood of the cosmic bull and eat the body of Mithras (in symbolic terms, with wine and bread—the Christians stole this). And he himself wears the red Phrygian cap and often carries a sack—because he’s also Father Christmas (green is another Mithraic colour, so associated with holly and the red berries—the red blood). It’s his birthday tomorrow.

You have to remember that ancient Rome when Christianity was founded was in the same state as America today. The pagan cults were in decay just like Christianity is today—Roman emperors, like the mad tranny Elagabalus, sometimes adopted a “cute” foreign cult and dragged other gods from the temples, flayed people, engaged in public debauch.

Someone once described Christianity as “a diet” after the rich feast of Roman paganism—however, that’s like saying the Soviet Union was a “diet” after the rich feast of Tsardom. If it was a diet it was a starvation diet—the early pagans were right, Christians are atheists (they deny the gods, then they deny the “one God”—Christianity paved the way for atheism).

The Mass is like one of those ballets that the USSR made where they use the form of classical ballet but the dancers are dressed in blue proletarian overalls with fake guns and instead of Swan Lake act out some heroic scene from the revolution in Petrograd.

You turn into a star, not necessarily a physical star, though it could be, but a star in the other dimension beyond the laws of time and space—the astral realm. Idiot Christians who haven’t read the Bible will say this is “paganism”, but their own book says the faithful will become stars in the heavens.

This is exactly the same as when the Bedouin used to say their wise men became stars that roved about the desert (as I saw at Hartsfell); and, of course, the pyramids are giant “stargates” to turn the Pharaoh into a star. Zarathustra’s name literally means “star-man”, and Mithras was related to Zarathustra.

The entire Jesus cult was cooked up by the Jews to destroy Europeans on the spiritual level by mimicking Zarathustra and Mithras—the presence of the Magi at the birth of Jesus suggests he’s Zarathustra reborn, as Zarathustra said would happen for his “Second Coming” (another idea nicked by the Christians). So Christianity takes the European Mithraic rites and inverts them (inversion = Satanism) to become pacifist and for all mankind.

There’s no personal survival, that’s just how it was explained to the plebs. As the Hindus explained ages ago, you can carry out rites so that elements of your consciousness survive (and Christianity is rooted in Hinduism and Buddhism—the grain of mustard and the walker on the water come from Hinduism, i.e. from an Indo-Aryan religion). Even Cardinal Newman admitted that Christianity came from “the sewers of Rome”—just like the Nation of Islam distorts actual Islam, the plebeians in Rome distorted Indo-Aryan religion to form Christianity.

What’s fallacious is this idea “all will be saved” just by “belief”. You have to carry out specific rites to do that—and that’s why the Pharaohs are still around and very strong, because they carried out huge rites and rituals to turn themselves into star-men. As for a slave that died building the pyramids, his astral light carries on, in an unconscious way, at a low level.

You don’t really appreciate how far we’ve declined. The Hindus have it in the right perspective when they speak about decline in terms of millions of years—once literal gods walked the earth, now people can barely conceive that such things are real. Christianity and Islam are the poor man’s religions—Christianity is actually Satanic, based on inversion and the corruption of Christ’s message to the Jews by St. Paul (who was a Pharisee—i.e. the enemy of Jesus).

It stands to reason that post-mortem survival wouldn’t be democratic and wouldn’t just rely on you “saying the right words” (“I believe in Jesus”)—but rather it’s about the rites and rituals. Other elements in Christianity, like original sin, were invented by that fraud St. Augustine (other Church officials disagreed with Augustine).

As the Buddhists observe, “even gods die”—voluntarily end the continuation of their consciousness. To live forever is tiresome, thoughtful people agree. Today, few people reach this state because the actual processes to ensure survival have been debased and forgotten—much as nobody could make the economy work in the USSR (no matter how much they said “I believe in socialism”, no matter how much you say “I believe in Jesus”).

Anyway, 98.6% of people just want to eat, be liked by their neighbours, have children, and die—they’re completely untroubled by these questions, because they’re the animal men who dominate our corrupted time.


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