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Προφητεία (168)

I understand now why esoteric mystery schools have tests for people who think they want to join—you know, like the story of the student from America who climbs a mountain to see the yogi and he asks the yogi what is the meaning of life and the yogi says, “Go away and think about it—think about it for a long time.” 


And the man goes away and does that and then, at the end, after ten years, comes back to the yogi and says, “Okay, I’ve done that—now what is the meaning of life?” And the yogi says, “Why this constant coming and going?”.


You might as well put up a big sign outside that says, “Serious offers only.” Except if you put a big sign up like that it would it just attract people who think, “Oh, I’m a serious person—I always mean what I say.” In other words, people who have no idea what they want and are completely unserious. 


“I want to join an esoteric mystery school, I want to know about God.” No you don’t—that’s just something you say. You don’t get any choice in where you’re going, actually—and the people who say don’t know. It’s like I found this podcast all about “Hermeticism”—but it was just people talking about Hermeticism, not people doing Hermeticism. It was a way to make money, a way to gratify the ego. Where would you find a real Hermetic person? In a cave on a mountain, probably—not on a podcast.


I mean, it’s about being a literal hermit (hermit-icism)


I’m not interested in Hermeticism, actually. I’m not interested in religion—I’m not a religious person. 


That said, I’m going through a period where I don’t consume any media. I did that for the first time about eight years ago, and that was when I started to move towards the right—not in the sense that I started to believe in right-wing ideas, but rather in the sense that once you’re unplugged you find that what you happen to think, without “guidance”, turns out to be what people call “right-wing”.


It’s too easy to swap ideas—you always see people saying things like, “I only read alternative media now” or “I read a range of websites to compare views”. So you’ve swapped your brainwash, or you lay your brainwash side by side and point out the differences between the brainwashes. You don’t avoid brainwash altogether. 


But you never say what you think. “Let me hear you make decisions / without your television / let me hear you speaking just for me,” as Depeche Mode sung. That’s very rare. If you just rely on “as I see it” you will come across as a bit rough round the edges, perhaps a bit stupid or a bit embarrassing—perhaps also profound. 


The mass media is a problem. Conservative talking heads will never get it—they always blame the education system because they can’t blame their bread and butter, the media itself. People don’t listen to teachers or lecturers, they don’t pick up ideas in colleges or schools—they pick these ideas up in the media. It’s fun to watch and participate in mass media, it’s not fun to go to school—it’s the media where they get you, that’s where you’re initiated.


You don’t see any politicians speaking about shutting down the media—maybe “reining in the universities”, but they never go for the media (the Taliban went for the media—they got it). 

The theatre is an initiatory space—it has always been linked to religion, in ancient Greece the plays were religious and in medieval times we had the mystery plays. Initiation into the mysteries—and what we have today is the counter-initiation


It’s like Dr. Who. You’re not argued into the views the program promotes, you really pick them up through introjection. So, if you recall, as I do, when you’re really into a show as a child when the “goodies” are chased by aliens, the Daleks say, and they’re hiding from them, you’re almost crouching down inside to hide with them, not to be caught. You’re totally absorbed and live in that world—you feel their fear.


And when the Doctor gives a little speech afterwards, sort of clever and triumphant and wise and warm, that says, “Turns out this ‘god’ they worshipped was just a ship-board computer from a ship that crashed here aeons ago and went insane. So, that’s that for the high priest,” well, when he gives that speech, because you crouched down with him, in your mind, to hide from the bad guys, it all goes into you without noticing (because you “are” him). Then years later you say in conservation, “Well, it’s all a giant AI, I think.”


The theatre is an initiation because it uses an initiatory space—the initiation takes place at night, around a fire (there’s light in the darkness—the reversal of opposites). So the theatre creates light in darkness—so does the cinema. It’s why candles are important—Hanukkah candles, Candlemas, candles at Christmas (the lights on the tree are substitute candles).


So it’s like the streamer Millennial Woes did his first broadcasts with a lighted candle—he didn’t realise it but he created a sacred space, an initiatory space (the fire that purifies). In the sacred space, he told “unacceptable truths” to people—because that is what happens in the sacred space. 


Whether people use magic consciously or not they still use it, because our cosmos is magical—what force provoked him to set up his presentation that way in the first place? A force from another dimension. Similarly, his “MW” logo is a mirror logo “as above, so below”—he may not know it’s a Hermetic symbol or have intended it but it doesn’t matter, because he had become a truth-speaker when he began to livestream; and the surface light is lies, whereas the repressed darkness is truth.














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