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Προφητεία (167)

Unconstitutional: if America is anything it is a nation of laws. What is the most quintessential American profession? Lawyer. What are Americans most obsessed by, in the political dimension? The Supreme Court.


In fact, the Supreme Court is the most powerful organ in the American state—it is the occult permanent legislature (it defies the fact that the Constitution delimits powers—because the organ that would become the most powerful in a codified system would be the organ that has the most to do with the interpretation of the codification, whatever the codification itself says).


America is a country of laws—of rulings from the Supreme Court, of patent laws, of “the 1st Amendment”. In other words, it is a nation of Pharisees. America was created by the Jews, via Freemasonry, to be a nation of laws and, therefore, a nation of hypocrisy. The ultimate hypocrisy, the issue that will destroy America from the inside, being that it was founded on loud proclamations of “liberty” for “all mankind” while it was based on slavery.


America’s true foundation was 1619—except there’s nothing wrong with that, there’s nothing wrong with slavery. But if you have a revolution in 1776 and proclaim “all men have the same inalienable rights” and you keep slaves then, yes, you have a problem. You are a hypocrite, you are a Pharisee—and you cannot escape it, because your values deny the reality, deny what your own state was built on.


America is a heartless society because it is a society of laws. “I know my rights!”. To which I reply, “I know my heart!”. Jesus, Muhammad, and the Buddha came to bring the sacred heart. The Jews rejected the sacred heart for laws and hypocrisy—everything is “technically legal”, as Jacob cheated Esau in a way that was technically legal but neither noble nor in the spirit of the laws. It’s like a clever interpretation of the Constitution—great work for a Pharisee.


That is why America is such a hard and hypocritical society—it is just about laws, just about “technically legal”. The Constitution is inorganic—it is codified and rigid, it’s like a stuffed animal. It smells like an old stuffed fox—it has mange, its skin falls off. I see the skull beneath.


This is why AI is developed in America, because it is a machine, it is a “cyber-demon”—it is the AntiChrist instantiated.  “A machine that can only follow rules”.


As Joseph Campbell observed, “Computers are like the God of the Old Testament, lots of rules and no mercy.” In other words, no heart—a soulless commercial machine dedicated to making money and hypocrisy. It’s why Nick Land worships AI and Jewish intelligence—it inverts the sacred heart, it’s “just laws”, just “free market logic” (he even had an avatar that was a heart torn out by a hand for a time—the sacred heart ripped out). No heart—the only value is what can be bought and sold.


But things that are just based on laws will always become a hypocrisy—because the world isn’t just made from laws. It’s why the American system distorted. It claims to have a separation of powers with three roughly equal branches, but, really, almost all the power ends up with the Supreme Court—because they’re always there, whereas the Congressmen and Presidents rotate too quickly to know what’s going on. The Pharisees are always there.


And in a codified system the people who interpret the code will always have the most power, because the code cannot interpret itself—the law is not reality, it covers a lot of reality, but it doesn’t totally cover it.


But if you claim that it does totally cover it then you will end up with hypocrisy because it is not possible—then you will have some people who stand outside the law, in this case the Supreme Court, who claim to be within the law while actually being outside it.


This is why America is the epicentre for the AntiChrist—it is the total negation of the sacred heart, the total enshrinement of “law only”. It only knows laws, it doesn’t know life—it doesn’t know the heart. It was created by the Jews via Freemasonry to fulfil and protect their laws—which were negated when Jesus arrived on the scene.


This is why there is no religion in America, no God in America—it is just the law, the law of the Jews, the people in revolt against the sacred heart. All Americans are spiritual Jews and always have been—just like the French, they are in service to the AntiChrist and they exist to carry out his plans on earth.


This is why Osama bin Laden prophesied that first the Soviet Union and then America would be defeated by Islam. Long ago, I realised that America and the Soviet Union were twins—I realised that at university when I thought about the “totalitarian twins” and then compared America and the USSR. The USSR was the greater hypocrisy, the greater distortion—and so fell first.


France too will fall and is in the most trouble in Europe because “la Republic” is based on the same Masonic laws as America and the USSR—the same illusions. Technical superiority is irrelevant—Soviet technical superiority could not defeat the mujahideen and American technical superiority could not defeat the Taliban.   


America is the lesser hypocrisy—but it is still an inversion and it will still fall. It cannot resist the will of God—it was founded in defiance of God, in negation of God. It was founded to kill the sacred heart and establish the Jewish law over it. If you deviate from reality, if you abandon the sacred heart, you will be destroyed—sooner or later.


There have been many chances for the Americans to change course, many offers, but they always ignored the offers—or were too blind to see. Hence they have condemned themselves to destruction.







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