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Προφητεία (165)

Islam and Hitler: I came to understand in the end what religious people mean when they say “most people will not be saved”, “most people will be damned and they won’t care”, “most people will destroy themselves and think they’re being clever”. Most people just play games—they don’t speak truth. Some people play games like “looking for God”, like “stopping the woke”, like “saving the West”. There are other games, but these are the main ones I see.

So they talk about it—they talk about Christianity. They know a lot about ideas like “repentance”—but not a lot about Jesus, who didn’t ask for repentance (just asked people to sin no more). Repentance is about control, domination—it’s about being in charge. It’s what the Churches invented to twist Christ’s message—anyone who cares about it, not talking about it, knows that. Because they’ve internalised it—not as a weapon to bully and demean people (in a deniable way), but they know what was really meant.

Those with a subtle agenda want to talk about it, to have conferences about it, to “think about it”, but not to engage with it. Because if they really understood what Jesus said they wouldn’t be able to play power games about repentance or about “good and bad people”.

Today I walked outside the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre and I talked out loud, though not loudly, about how I thought Malcolm X didn’t think “the end of the world” was real, just a metaphor. A woman, who couldn’t have possibly heard what I said, being too far away, passed by me after I had stopped talking and snapped, with real aggression, “Talking to yourself.”

Talking to God. And the Devil is a woman—the Devil is vanity and pride (“Don’t let me catch you talking out loud to yourself, like some, some lunatic—don’t you know Our Lord died on the cross for you, do you think he talked to himself?”). Well, I’ve spent 14 days in the wilderness, not 40, and perhaps I’ll make 40 yet—and I’m sure Jesus did talk to himself in the wilderness. Indeed, I seem to recall he spoke to himself on the cross, in crowded Jerusalem, in company, when he said, “Father, father why have you forsaken me?”

“That was different! You’re allowed to do things like that when you’re being crucified!” Ah well, I didn’t realise I had to wait until I was being crucified to talk to myself, to talk to God—I didn’t realise the bar was that high for unselfconscious action, next time I’ll think twice about…my vanity. But I notice you’re the one who wants to set the bar—and yet Jesus didn’t set bars, not being in the control game.

Hitler was a prophet—that’s why everyone hates him, the prophets are always hated. The “good”, the lukewarm, die with warm applause and are forgotten—or, like General Lee, everyone likes them and then, years later, everyone dislikes them (because he’s just a goody-goody, he just had a good act). Real things age like wine—real things evoke real emotions, hate and love. Fake things are just “okay”—or they’re “good”, then they’re “bad”. But they’re not “that thing”.

Hitler was a prophet. He said that Islam would be more suitable for Europeans—because Europeans are the most war-like people and Islam is a religion of war. Christianity doesn’t suit the European temperament. He was right—for he was a prophet. As the Muslims intuited and as Nietzsche worked out in intellectual terms, Christ’s message was never preached in the West—it was corrupted by Paul, by the Jews. That is why the Catholic Church is AntiChrist—why all Churches are AntiChrist. Jesus came for the Jews—they rejected him and passed him off on the West, now when we eat his body and drink his blood we take the sins of the Jews upon us.

Islam will defeat the West because Islam is the final revelation. On every front, the armies of Islam advance—there is no resistance. Wherever the Americans meet Islam, their forces wither—just as bin Laden prophesied that first the USSR and then America would fall. Saddam could not stop America—he was just a nationalist (and ISIS were not Muslims, just a tool of the Israelis). No, wherever the AntiChrist meets Islam, it falls back—it is a divine force.

As the Jews prophesied, at the end the Europeans would revert to paganism (escape the Jewish bewitchment)—that is why Hitler came, to offer a path for reversion; and Islam has come to scourge the AntiChrist—across the religions, it conforms to the revelation.

All that is required to be saved is not to “become a Christian” or “become a Muslim” but to give up the game and speak truth from the heart. But if you confront people with truthfulness they will react as they reacted to Jesus, to Hitler, to Muhammad—they will go “Ugh, I was hoping just to have a nice cup of tea and biccies—not this meanness; couldn’t we all just be nice to each other?”.

“Couldn’t we just be lukewarm? (aka ‘normal’)”. Such people are usually unaware how vicious they are, they conceal their own darkness from themselves with lies—“I’m just a nice chap, you know—not some nutter talking to himself in the park about the AntiChrist.”

That’s why they’re damned—they’re “too clever”, “too sensible”, and, ultimately, too afraid for truthfulness. They’ll just play another game—they play another game because they’re afraid to die. It’s like Peterson, he talks about the gulag and the concentration camps and how “everyone has to just be an individual or else we’ll all die”—because he thinks the worst thing is to die. And so he will not name the Devil—he just wants people to “be good”, “shut up”, and “not cause trouble” so that we can get on with preening our vanity and making money.


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