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Προφητεία (159)

Darkness: a great malevolence has come on the scene in the last three weeks—a great darkness. It is like a volcano that produces only black lava—it has no orange in it, only blackness; and it burns through everything it touches. It destroys life.

This movement comes from America, though it is across the world. I asked the I Ching about it and it said “Following”:

“In order to obtain a following one must first know how to adapt oneself. If a man would rule he must first learn to serve, for only in this way does he secure from those below him the joyous assent that is necessary if they are to follow him.

If he has to obtain a following by force or cunning, by conspiracy or by creating factions, he invariably arouses resistance, which obstructs willing adherence.”

I think there is some attempt by a man to become a leader, but he goes about it in the incorrect way—he is arrogant, he has never served; perhaps he is very young and full of himself—unaware of his own darkness. The means by which he seeks to attain leadership is “conspiracy, the creation of factions—force and cunning”.

But, at the same time, there is transition—we move from an old to a new time. But the leader in this new time is weak:

“It often happens, when a man exerts a certain amount of influence, that he obtains a following by condescension toward inferiors. But the people who attach themselves to him are not honest in their intentions. They seek personal advantage and try to make themselves indispensable through flattery and subservience.

If one becomes accustomed to such satellites and cannot do without them, it brings misfortune. Only when a man is completely free from his ego, and intent, by conviction, upon what is right and essential, does he acquire the clarity that enables him to see through such people, and become free of blame.”

I think this refers to a young leader who has arisen in America who is surrounded by flatterers and sycophants who inflate his ego—he has become full of himself.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that an Israeli official sent me a death threat. The other day someone involved in the “America First” movement sent me a death threat too—it alluded to an article I had written several years ago where I discussed suicidal thoughts, thoughts of hanging. This causes psychological distress in people—because such thoughts are common, so they split and reject; they want me to be the “bad object”, they *never* think that way.

The more they have these thoughts, the more I am “the dirty thing”—so he could not even write, “Go hang yourself,” because it created too much ambivalence in him; he had to use menace and implication instead. I flicked back to his business—he repurposed clips from the Ukraine War to make money; he liked to focus on helpless soldiers, wounded, being killed by drones.

I have watched these clips. The drone operators are often vindictive and so foolish. They should just wound the soldiers, because each wounded soldier takes at least two other soldiers off the battlefield to care for him. But they are so vindictive, so filled with hate, that they try to kill every soldier dead—this wastes ammunition and is irrational from a military perspective. The rational action, the parsimonious action, and the “good” action are synonymous—only people blinded by hate and vindictiveness act in an irrational way, which is also without mercy.

The man who repurposed these clips derived psychological satisfaction from these wounded soldiers—made vindictive comments, as he made about me, about them (though he attempted to disguise his vindictiveness as humour). Sometimes he posted other clips, say a father playing a cruel joke on his children—again he delighted in these videos, in the cruelty.

Behind this man was a nothingness I have never felt. It is not the nothingness of Buddhist Nirvana—it is the nothingness saints speak about when they refer to evil. It is the pure nullity—pure negation. It is like they always say—real evil is this emptiness. I have never experienced such evil, like there was nothing there at all.

Academics like Nick Land talk about “coldness be my God” and his fellow academic Jason Jorjani speaks about worshipping Satan. But these men are children who do not understand what they talk about. For Land, like all academics, Margaret Thatcher is the “evil coldness” he embraces (like all academics he is on the left, so Thatcher is some “unimaginable evil”)—for Jorjani, well, I can’t work out what he thinks he’s so vague; but Satan is “no big deal”.

As with all academics, they are fools and children. This man—what I have described here—this is your “coldness be my God”, your “Satan”. These people don’t know of what they speak so glibly. They do not know what the “total nullity” is.

And where did this total malevolence come from? “America First”—or, in other words, “Israel First” (for the two are synonymous, and Trump is Israel’s washpot). America First. Selfishness first—“me, me, me”.

But this was more than selfishness—selfishness is nothing compared to what I have seen and felt. It is the AntiChrist—it is America, it is “America First”. It is total malevolence, total blackness—that is what America is and always will be. That is what “America First” is about—service of the AntiChrist, that is what Trump is about.

America must fall, the AntiChrist must fall: see how the Americans fled Kabul, the people who served them fell from their planes, for an American knows no loyalty (only how to use and dispose—like Satan). Doubtless those pilots laughed about the ragheads who fell from their planes—and their laughter is America, America the AntiChrist; and she will be consumed to the last man, woman, and child.


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