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Προφητεία (155)

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

Bronze Age Pervert: I reviewed Bronze Age Mindset back in 2018—I found it to be a great entertainment. I read it to my girlfriend and she found it very funny—much more funny than Ernst Jünger (she found that he bored). And I agree—BAM is much more funny than Jünger (though, perhaps, not as profound).

I said in my review that I thought BAP was a Jewish academic who did it for a laugh—and, many years later, that was confirmed. Well, that’s intuition for you—it’s like that time I ran my hand over the thatch of a cottage and saw it in flames and then, inside, found a photo album of when it burned down. So trust your intuition.

At the time I reviewed the book, I had no particular problem with the Jews—if anything, I thought the book was a bit harsh on the Jews; or, rather, with who seemed to be alluded to as the Jews.

Five years on, here’s what I think about Bronze Age Mindset: I think it’s a great entertainment—though I never liked the podcast and never listened to it because it lost the book’s charm.

But I also think Woody Allen is great entertainment—though I haven’t watched him for many years. As I said in other articles, the Jews are very intelligent—and the Jews are great entertainers, great comedians.

But I’m after reality—and BAP is not reality. In fact, he is the problem. Clever entertainment by homosexual Jews—very funny, but not sincere. A diversion—and a confusion as regards what is important in life.

You might say, “But this is fantastic propaganda from a right-wing perspective.” However, I would say that is exactly the problem—it’s great propaganda, it’s great entertainment. We’re deluged with great entertainment and great propaganda, no shortage really. The left almost *is* propaganda—after all, what was the only thing the Soviet Union was good at? Propaganda (lies).

And all these entertainments invert as they entertain because to entertain is to invert; it’s intrinsic to it, because you need that novelty all the time—that sudden disjunction between reality and perceived reality that makes you laugh.

We really need more men like Osama bin Laden—not more comedians. Plenty of Jewish comedians running the world—in Argentina, in Ukraine (BAP can be the third “great entertainer”—the third “Marx Brother”). But the Devil is an ass—he’s asinine. The fact the inverter dominates across the world is not funny, actually.

And, further, a problem with BAM is that it makes fun of things like “the Green Ray” from esoteric Hitlerism—but the Green Ray is real. You shouldn’t joke about these things—you shouldn’t joke about the divine. And it’s not just about far-out ideas like the Green Ray—there are similar mainstream spiritual ideas that are inverted in it too. It’s Nietzsche’s influence—and he was incorrect overall.

Further, the world isn’t short on influential homosexuals—from J. Edgar Hoover to the Cambridge Spies, homosexuals have always been really powerful, even when “persecuted”. The problem with homosexuals, in my experience, is that they ultimately believe every man can be “turned”, that the heterosexual facade is an act—and they resent normal families. So BAP doesn’t recommend family formation—because he wants people to be like him, because the heteros can be “turned”.

Now, I doubt many people are influenced by him not to start a family—maybe some very young and impressionable people, a few—but the overall message isn’t transparent or in line with reality.

And it’s bad faith—because I don’t know how many of his followers “believe” it, but the “muscle-bound beauty” who follows it sincerely provides a kind of sexual gratification for the man who runs it. And, thought about like that, it’s squalid and dishonest. If you want to be sexy be straightforward about it.

I know homosexuals are attracted to the radical right due to narcissism, the desire to survive not through children but a race of beautiful blond boys with fine downy hair—and also because they like the idea of being spanked by leather-clad SS men. But those are actually bad motives to be involved in a movement, it’s dishonourable.

I’m not an Abrahamist, so I don’t want some campaign of “total extinction of the sodomites”, but today homosexuals are way, way too powerful; they need to be forced out of positions of influence and power, not indulged.

BAP has an advantage in that his opponents are often humourless prudes or moralists who have decided to become “trad Cath” or something—but he is no more sincere than them, and he’s hypocritical in a different way (i.e. they might be sexual prudes but it’s easy for a homosexual to post images of attractive girls—which are always a bit wrong, just slightly, because he doesn’t know what heterosexual men actually find attractive; but the real sexual content is passed off as “non-sexual”—“body-building”).

I don’t claim to be a good person and I do some crazy things but I also don’t pretend to be some “philosophical authority” or “inspiration to the right”. And I’m not a hypocrite—I’m transparent about what I am. People often say to me, “Your site is really good—it should have more readers.” But it’s an honest site—and honest descriptions about the world are not popular; it’s off-putting, it can be brutal, ugly, break taboos, and sound crazy at times (because it turns out things like gods, fairies, and the Green Ray are real; and you’ll see that—if you’re not distracted by clever Jewish entertainers).

So this website isn’t a political operation to convince you “I’m a good guy, I’ve got it together, come join my team *the winners*”. It’s not an entertainment, it’s not run for profit or egotistic satisfaction; it makes mistakes, it goes down blind alleys, and it has its triumphs too—but it’s aimed at reality, whereas BAP isn’t.


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