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Προφητεία (151)

America and the Jews (projection): I have inveighed against America and the Jews quite a bit over the last months—however, you always have to be careful when you condemn other groups and countries.

It’s like what RD Laing said: “What we call ‘normal’ is a product of repression, denial, splitting, projection, introjection and other forms of destructive action on experience. It is radically estranged from the structure of being.” For the most part, people are hysterical moralists who are into “secrets”, “finding out secrets”—in other words, melodrama and soap opera.

People like J. Edgar Hoover are paradigmatic in this case—he spent his career collecting dossiers on transgressions by other people, about sex and drugs, but he himself was a massive homosexual (which, at the time, should have been career-ending, but apparently never was). Most people are like Hoover, to one degree or another.

So, for the most part, what people say is to “prove you wrong”, “show him I’m right”, “show him he’s evil but I’m good”. Indeed, you can literally see people in their communication think “I’ll show him!”. This is all fantasy. It’s because people live this way that nobody sees the divine, nobody sees beauty, everyone is so busy trying to prove other people wrong, which you can never do, that they miss reality.

I am also a hysterical moralist—but I am aware that I am a hysterical moralist, so I tend to show some mercy to other people. Most people are not like that. Most people think “I’m good, he’s bad—see, I have evidence! I have evidence he’s bad!”. Almost always people like that, as Jung said, have done all sorts of things themselves they just deny happened. I do not deny—I am what I am.

So far as America and the Jews go—look, some people will refuse to admit that, for example, the Jews are very intelligent. That’s because they have split the Jews—the Jews are “bad object”, just like some parents split one child as “the golden boy” and the other as “naughty”.

So once the Jews are “bad object” you can’t admit anything potentially good about them—“bad people can’t be good”. To be intelligent is good—is considered very good in our societies—hence “bad people can’t be good”, so Jewish intelligence must be a myth. But that is not reality—that is a defence mechanism because you have decided these people are your enemy, and your enemy cannot be good in any way, and, also, you are frightened that your opponents are more intelligent than you (and so will probably win).

Well, I don’t think I do that. I say negative things about the Jews—but I do acknowledge positive things about them, too. The problem is that they didn’t accept Jesus and so have come to serve the Devil completely.

The same goes for America—at one level, I like America and Americans. The problem with the Americans is that they are formed entirely by their Constitution—and that was formed by Judeo-Masonry, and that comes from the Devil. So Americans are almost entirely servants of the Devil. And their society reflects that, I think—there’s no other society in the world that has school shootings like America does and has developed transgenderism and literally worships “DEI” (an inversion of the divine—the divine as women, homosexuals etc).

I don’t see any Americans, hardly at all, even the most right-wing Americans, say they’re against the Constitution or George Washington or the foundation of America—if anything, the more rightist they are the more they endorse these things. America is very like France, which is based on the same principles—Freemasonry and the Enlightenment. Despite her famed laïcité, Macron recently lighted a menorah in the Élysée. This is because France, since the Revolution, has always been controlled by Judeo-Masonry.

Charlie Hebdo will blaspheme any religion going—but fired a staff member for “anti-Semitism”. There is one holy religion in “secular France”—Judaism; and that is just the same as how the obverse sign of America’s seal is the Star of David—for America was a revolution against a Christian king and the erection of a secular republic (no established religion—it is true to say “America is not a Christian country”, by law she is not—whatever denominations her historic population adhered to; the only religious imagery in her national iconography is not the cross but the Star of David—and symbols matter).

So, obviously, if there was a movement of Americans against the Constitution, against the foundation, then I would be more positive. But there is no such thing—or if there is it is so small so as to be invisible. It’s not some point of national pride that I want America to reunite with Britain—because that’s not realistic. But, like France, she needs to renounce the Enlightenment and Masonry.

Similarly, I acknowledge Britain is “the Little Satan” and needs a scourge—though some features here are not as pronounced as in France and America because elements of tradition, like the monarchy, remain intact (although all heirs to the throne are now intermarried with Jews).

America does impressive things—like the Moon landing. I don’t deny it, I don’t deny her economic success—but that doesn’t change the fact that in her iteration since 1776 she has been in the service of the Devil, and only seems more determined to follow this course (unto her own destruction—because America cannot be destroyed from outside, she’s an oceanic fortress, but will be destroyed from the inside by her own people, as in the case of school shootings, where the population “consumes itself”; betrayal begets betrayal).

We reach universal inversion—Ukraine and Argentina are both ruled by Jewish comedians, by the mocker and the sneerer. Trump is also just an entertainer—“The Apprentice”; yes, he’s better than the alternative—but he’s just the right hand of the Devil in the end.


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