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Προφητεία (150)

Philosophy: I like politics and philosophy, these disciplines constitute my vocation—but I reached a termination point with philosophy. The termination point was really when I became involved in magic. I could never match a Western philosopher—no way—and I could just about understand most, just about. But there is nothing in them—not Kant, not Hobbes, not Descartes. There is nothing in them—in Schopenhauer and Nietzsche, just about (but, already, these men are almost artists—not philosophers—and art is just a tool for magic and religion, the three being different aspects to the same thing).

Philosophy—especially modern philosophy, after Descartes—answers no questions. No questions about meaning—about ethics, about life.

It’s dead—it’s a bandaged mummy to help science (though science doesn’t need it). Ancient philosophy, a little better—but, then again, it had magic in it (because Plato and company were all initiates in the mystery schools—they are presented by modernists as secular rationalists, but they had seen the final mystery “the god is black”). That is why ancient philosophy has more power to it.

Robert L. Moore made the point that the philosopher can never have magician energy—never have warrior energy, never have lover energy. He can’t have life—he is purely abstracted from life, he kills life dead (just like his companion—the scientist, these killers of life). That’s why there are no real answers to anything in modern philosophy—it’s a bit like chess, this very complicated intellectual activity that has no purpose (though chess is, in fact, an initiatory game—that has been forgotten too). Philosophy is pure intellect, no life—that’s why it has no answers to the big questions in life.

That’s why what was once philosophical for me has merged into magic—that is a higher activity, that has life in it. There are many magicians in action in the world still—there’s a coven of Simonites active in New Zealand who have a huge impact on world affairs, and some apparently secular events, like aviation history conferences, are really covers for magical activities (and, of course, as mentioned many times, Jimmy Savile was a magician). So it’s all going on, right now—swaying the course of world events in one direction or another.

I don’t follow Moore all the way, though—after all, he died in a murder-suicide pact with his wife. It was because he was a leftist; he made these ideas—ideas like “magician”, “warrior”, “lover”, “king”—into secular forms, so that a computer programmer accesses his “magician energy” and the sports star accesses “warrior energy”. But it’s more than that—warriors are real, so are magicians (and so are kings and lovers, for that matter). It’s more than just “mental energies”. Here’s how Moore himself put it (in a lecture):

“Thanks for indulging me, but it's a long way around to get to the point where I believe that myth is, contrary to what we've been told for many years, now the superior to metaphysics—it always was and it always shall be. Why? Because it integrates the four different sides of a human psyche in a way that metaphysics can never do. Philosophical metaphysics can never be warrior energy.

I like to remind people that when you start getting integrated you're getting empowered, and when you get empowered you're going to have a lot of people hate your guts; they're going to envy you, they're going to try to figure out what's wrong with you—and so the fantasy that we have often, you know, the naïve male or the naïve female fantasy that they have that when they get empowered they're going to be liked, see it's just wrong.

You get empowered, you remember the thing I read you from Butler at the beginning, a lot of people like to kill these Magi because the Magus is against their denial—that's the first mistake, challenging people's denial system and so forth and so on.”

I’d replace “metaphysics” with “philosophy” in the speech, because metaphysics is not the same as modern philosophy—but the point remains. What a lot of this boils down to is that people lie to an extraordinary degree and the Magus basically doesn’t lie.

This causes outrage—and often he’s hacked to death, or crucified. Of course, many people claim to be “fearless truth-speakers” but it’s actually very rare—and this is really about the truth that starts at home, literally “home truths”, like “the glass of water is on the table” or “this street is mainly Asians, no English people at all”.

It’s not about scientific theorems or established facts. It’s relatively easy to speak those truths—being objective, not experiential, you can hide behind the inhuman numbers aspect. That makes intellectual integrity easier—though it’s still often fudged. But harder still is integrity with regards to experiences and observations.

Indeed, the leftist slogan “speaking my truth” is correct—except they’re not doing so, they’re just making narcissistic demands (or using defence mechanisms—splitting, projection, denial; most of what people say is a defence mechanism—just unreal). So they’ve never said one true thing in their lives at all. Similarly, Moore, a leftist, mistakenly identified Martin Luther King as “a Magi”, a “truth-speaker” crucified like Christ.

But he was no such thing. A genuine black truth-speaker would have said to American blacks, “We must preserve segregation, we must accept the white man’s tutelage and guidance, we must allow guidance from a more mature race to improve us through eugenics.” Now, that would have been “the unacceptable truth”—and that would have had MLK killed by his own side, just like Christ was killed by his own side (“people like to kill these Magi”).

MLK was shot by the other side—that happens all the time, very often to liars. Nothing remarkable about being shot by the other side—it’s when you’re shot by your own side you know you’re telling the unacceptable truth.


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