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Putin: I’ve looked at assumptions today and a major assumption I made was over Putin—in fact, I was a total fuckwit over Putin (very smug and self-satisfied with myself). I should have listened to Count Nikolai Tolstoy when he said that Putin was KGB and that the leopard never changes its spots. Now, Tolstoy went a bit too far—almost made out that Russia today is just like the USSR pre-1989. That’s not true, just like China today is not Mao’s China—but China today is still governed in a Leninist way, and Russia today is still governed in a Leninist way too. I was too willing to buy into the superficial image “Putin the great reactionary hope”—and, in a sense, those Azovites who disdain Putin are more correct than not (except they, like Tolstoy, are duped by Judeo-Masonry to think “the West is good”—oh no, not at all).

I just assumed “Putin the reactionary”, but it’s not so. The way the Russian media uses old-style Soviet propaganda to build support for the Ukraine War abroad should have been a warning sign. Again, I assumed too much and overlooked the obvious: the “anti-fascist struggle in the Ukraine”, “the anti-Nazi operation”—I just discounted it as residual Soviet propaganda procedure and an attempt to hook in tankies and far-left social democrats in the West. I was quite wrong. The truth is always obvious, it just stares you in the face and is concealed by your own wishful thinking and arrogance—Russia uses Communist-style slogans because Russia is still in essence Communist (or perhaps we should say “progressive”). She’s just a slow progressive country—she’s where the West was on LGBT circa 1990 (she only just banned trans operations—so hardly “ferociously traditional”). She’s “slow progressive”, just like Putin’s equivalent in the West—Trump (and the two men are connected by the same Jewish axis).

When people point to Russia’s abysmal divorce rate and abortion rate, they are correct—Russia is still feminist, so the real work required to restore the demographic imbalance will never take place. It can’t do it—it would violate progressive norms (kick women out of education, remove the vote, restore traditional marriage). As for Dugin, I never fell for his cult but his take on Traditionalism is incorrect—if not outright Satanic. This “traditional” man put his daughter in the frontline of political activism where she was killed—like a good Soviet woman, I suppose (like a progressive). Last I saw, he was praising some Marxisant black African who was engaged in a vituperative attack on the West—“Traditional” Russia.

I didn’t quite grasp this before, but Slavs really resent and hate the West—and that’s what Judeo-Masonry counts on to keep the war going, to complete their blood-soaked alchemical operation. The Slavs want the West torn down, it’s just they don’t have the wherewithal to do it—but they can easily be enlisted in this fake war (because it kills Westoids—or people aligned with the West, anyway). Of course, the West isn’t run by Westerners but for most people it makes no difference—it’s the West “as such” that must be destroyed.

This all exposed a major error I made—the error being that because Putin made some conservative statements that he was somehow “reactionary”. Meanwhile, his allies in black Africa, men like Julius Malema, chant “Putin! Putin! Putin!” interspersed with “kill the Boer!”. These guys are full-bore old-style Communists, they want to take South Africa down the Mugabe route—eliminate the whites. It makes no economic sense! No, but man is actuated by self-respect—and it hurts your self-respect to have most of what is valuable in your country created by white people, better to destroy it and live in shit than to let it wound your amour propre.

Once you take out that assumption about Putin, that he’s motivated by reactionary politics, it’s obvious it’s just KGB plus some conservative talking points garnered from the West. KGB is gonna KGB—it’s not like they’ve gone back to being governed by amiable Edwardian gents like Tolstoy. Putin’s face is downright Asiatic—with all the cruelty and wiliness that goes along with it. I suppose he owes his power to the more conservative branch of world Jewry Trump is aligned with, as opposed to the maximally progressive Zelensky faction.

The same could be said about the way the Russian units fly the hammer and sickle. For a while, I rationalised that because I thought “the history has to be integrated into the story somehow—Stalin did save Russia, that’s why they fly the flag; it’s about the Great Patriotic War and being winners and not being made to feel sorry about their history, about Stalin, like the Germans are made to feel so sorry about Hitler”. But if you drop the assumption, it’s obvious they just want to go back to the USSR—Putin really, at heart, wants the USSR back. The USSR was, relatively, more conservative about certain “moral issues” than the West. So Russia will in no way roll back progressivism, she is as committed to its core as ever—but will take off the most extreme “cut your child’s dick off” aspect.

Supplemental assumption: you can see this play out in the endless debates over the NHS—“the NHS is in crisis”, “waiting lists out of control”, “NHS chaos”. Yet if you drop the presumption that socialised medicine is good, then it’s obvious why the NHS is always “in crisis”—any state monopoly is characterised by rationing and chaos. Abolish the state monopoly, end the chaos. Of course, it’s the “monopoly assumption” that it’s forbidden to drop—so it remains a perennial “mystery” as to why it’s “in crisis” (again). After all, supermarkets are run (relatively) on free-market principles and manage to provide for everyone very well indeed—without rationing. Perhaps health, an area as vital, could be run on similar principles…Yet no, you cannot ever consider it.


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