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Προφητεία (149)

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Atheism: I became an atheist at 10—I remember when I visited my cousin in Cardiff that at night, by the light of his fish tanks, we talked about God. I asked, “Do you think there’s a God?”. And he said, “No, I don’t think so. You?”. And I said, “No, I don’t think so, either.”

A factor that really drove me away from belief in God, other than when my parents divorced, which was a major reason, was a young Indian boy I knew at primary school—though he was Indian, of the blackest kind, he had been brought up mostly in San Francisco.

His parents were geneticists and for him everything was “genetics, genetics, genetics”—it’s like all children, your father’s job is idealised (both your parents, sometimes). So for him everything was “computers, genetics”—that was the answer to everything. I was more “environmental” and, I suppose, he was right about heredity—for he insisted everything was hereditary.

He would say everything was “genetics, genetics”—definitely not God. He was so adamant about the fact that I absorbed his views. He just repeated it over and over and over again—and he seemed so sure. “Science, computers”.

He hated everything about Britain—because, compared to San Francisco, everything was primitive and not luxurious enough. This was despite the fact that we were in a pleasant environment in among one of Britain’s most beautiful cities (though, I must admit, SF is very beautiful). He was also quick to blame everything on racism—despite being, on average, in the top 5% of the world’s population. So he had learned from San Francisco well: atheism, science, genetics, “whites are racist”—it all goes together.

He was the first person I knew to have the Internet—and back then it was a total novelty. Again, because his parents were, in effect, in the planet’s elite—not the business elite, but definitely the intellectual elite. Indians in America seem to generate a lot more hostility than in Britain—I don’t know why, but something about the cultural atmosphere in America seems to bring out the worst in them.

Perhaps without “native resistance” to Enlightenment ideas, as with a European emigrant to America, they turn into ultra-atomised, ultra-atheistic, ultra-anti-racist people. He was very materialistic too—and not just in philosophical terms.

Well, he was so adamant “no God” that it basically destroyed my view there was a God at all—it was just “science”. That’s it. He seemed really, really sure—anyway. But Americans are like that—he’d picked up that American arrogance, the view that nobody else in the world knows anything or is important.

I suppose America is increasingly run by people like him—by Indian transplants into the Federal bureaucracy and major corporations. This doesn’t bode well—because they hate and resent Europeans, have a complex about being “brown”, and, as I’ve seen with my own eyes, make sure to only hire their co-racials in their companies (despite being hired into state bureaucracies to increase ”diversity”, then leaving to form their own companies only made up of recent immigrants).

But it’s not better from European Americans—because I had a friend from America in my first primary school. He was a real American—even had the same surname as me, lived in New Jersey. He was like my American double. But I remember how at the urinal I was surprised that there was a bit missing from his penis—I found this utterly weird, it’s like he’s mutilated in some way. I was told by my mother, who used to be a nurse, that it was for “sanitary reasons”.

I don’t know about that—because circumcision in America was really introduced post-WWII and it’s not hard to guess why, given the number of Jewish doctors in America. The Hitlerites identified Jews by the lack of a foreskin—so the Jews took the chance to make sure, if there ever was an “all-American pogrom”, it would be hard to identify Jews (this was before genetic tests, of course).

Given the way history repeats itself, that was prudent—because if you look at the atmosphere in America, with people like Kanye West beginning to make anti-Jewish points, it seems the cycle is on repeat on a larger scale.

Well, circumcision is also a symbolic act, a magical act—so Americans have been made into symbolic Jews, or robo-Jews. You notice how in the latest Palestine-Israel conflict how you have Americans—“white-bread” Americans—going off shooting Palestinian or Arab children. They’re golems; they’re circumcised (which, admittedly, does make the parody Jordan Peterson injunction, “wash your penis”, easier to carry out) and they’re indoctrinated by this decadent Christianity that worships the Jews not Jesus.

My American doppelgänger came to a sad end—he was the son of two preachers, but he had the “vicar’s daughter” complex. You know, you’re the preacher’s daughter so you’re meant to be good—so you end up being a total slut (pressure). In this case, the male case, it was heroin—and even when I visited him one time in America he had already been turned vicious, had to leave one school because the children were so cruel, and was already trying to wheedle dollars out of me for gambling (age 12). That’s what America does to you—vicious bullying at school, become a gambler, then shoot heroin.

You notice how America is being ripped apart by Islam? How since 9/11 they’ve been whipped by the Muslims (the WTC was actually a magic spell to enchain Islam—it parodied the Ka’ba, and its architect worked on synagogues)? Well, I wonder if Islam has to bring down the dajjal—the Great Satan, the AntiChrist. Events in Palestine might just be the start of that—because it seems Judeo-Masonry, the force that runs America, hasn’t done so well these last 20 years. Perhaps that’s because you can’t fight God—you can’t fight *, especially when the Jews stole your foreskin.


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