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Προφητεία (148)

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

I decided to quit X. It was because the I Ching told me to—and because I had an intuition. To be honest, I’ve never liked it since it stopped being “Twitter”—I liked the bird, I’m all about the language of the birds. “X” is just too cold and harsh for me—the warmth has gone out of it (plus it just doesn’t sound right, it’s too abrupt); and, besides, I concluded the other day that “X” is the false cross—I don’t want to go to Mars, I don’t want Neuralink inserted in my brain, I don’t want a self-driving car.

I want to turn inwards, to experience reality—which is the spirit, the Godhead, God (call it what you will—call it *, perhaps). You’re just never going to get that with more technology—I used to say that I’m not against technology in itself, but I suppose I am. There are just other powers, higher powers, that can be activated if you look within—not to “get something out” of these things as such, but just to be in relation with those powers (and, yes, perhaps miracles occur along the way—but that’s not the point).

So, yes, I suppose I am anti-technology; or, to be precise, I’m anti-technology as it is now—there may well be other technologies, genuinely “alternative” technologies, that we can develop based on when we look inward; and perhaps these wouldn’t be so destructive of the planet and ourselves.

Further, I’m very much about sincerity and honesty; and, let’s face it, those were always odd qualities to look for on Twitter or X, because both are about false masks—false masks of laughter and false masks of drama. It doesn’t matter if a person is anon or is in their “real” persona—because the real mask is more fake and artificial than the “false” mask, which is the irony of anons in the first place.

That platform will never have sincerity and honesty on it—not much, hardly any at all. Even anons aren’t sincere or honest, they just twist everything in a different way—and that’s not what I’m about. I’m not against anons (I’m not really anon, and I don’t care either way—I’d use my real name as soon as this one, I just got bored with my real name).

People who are against anons are always suspect (because they’re motivated by vanity, not reality—they want to look good or they want to dismiss someone because “he doesn’t have a degree”, “he only has an A-level”, “he was arrested for a pub brawl once”). Whatever, truth is truth and reality is reality—if you really care about that it doesn’t matter who says it, what mask says it.

People who only care about looking good—however that is defined this decade—don’t care about truth; they care about the false mask, known as vanity, they can use to convince people and themselves how great they are (though they’re never quite sure if they’ve pulled it off). Mostly, they’re interested in trivia—from the Latin for “Moon”, feminine matters (gossip).

For a time, to be an agon on Twitter was useful to burn away the ego, to become detached from words; but that moment has passed—I’m detached enough now. These are just words on a screen—not reality; most people are mad, they think their words are “them”, they think their actions are “them”; and they try to make their words about themselves stick—or other words and concepts stick to other people. I am not my words or my actions—and neither are you.

I am not attached to anything—even my life. I would delete this site as easily as my X account—I will not, but, if some catastrophe befell it, then it wouldn’t bother me. It’s not reality—and it cannot ever be lost, not really. Since the X account was always a long spell, to delete it will have other repercussions—of which I’m not sure yet, but it always works that way.

As I say, I am not a diplomat or a politician—I just say what I think and feel. If you can't handle that, it's not my problem—you don't have to read it; if you read what I say and you feel mad and angry with me but you keep reading and reading anyway you're just secretly attracted to me, you're in love with me—you express it with hate, because the two are always related (you love me so much, you want to kill me—then I'll be yours 4ever).

Yet most people are politicians or diplomats—always trying to preserve a suitable front. That’s why there are so many wars, that’s why people are being killed in Ukraine and Palestine—diplomats and politicians, just like you put on a certain front every day and lie to get what you want (even as an anon, you’re still a liar—you say “bad” things, whereas in the light you say “good” things; but you never say any real thing—not above, not below, not ever).

Well, anyway, the moment a few years back, the “Pepe moment”, has passed. I was never involved in that—I didn’t mind Pepe the Frog, I’ve written about him, quite like him, find him to be amiable, but I never identified with him. He’s gone now—that’s all long gone, 2016 and all that. I think most people are aware that we’re on the cusp of something much darker, something of which Covid-19 was just an intimation. Pepe is not coming back for 2024—he’d be here already if he was.

And, as a god, since he was an Egyptian god, Pepe wasn’t really positive—he was a chaos god, a negative element in the end. He wasn’t for anything at all—not Hitler, like his detractors thought, and not anything really. It's better to be for something—to be for *.


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