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Προφητεία (142)

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Unwise government: there is much pride in right-wing circles that the French have an extensive nuclear power program, unlike the “namby-pamby” German Greens, who got rid of their nuclear reactors. However, the French nuclear policy is actually unwise—sure, from a climate change perspective it makes sense (though the conservatives who celebrate the policy also claim climate change doesn’t exist, contradictorily).

However, France also has one of the most racially and religiously diverse populations in Europe—she experiences sporadic massacres, such as Bataclan, orchestrated by Islamists (along with mass race riots). Her military actively drills for the civil war that is to come—there are even Netflix shows today about what it will be like.

So how proud will you be of your nuclear power plants when your country looks like Libya? When Ansar al-Allah (Lyons branch) takes over a nuclear power station and dukes it out with the Foreign Legion with RPGs? It’ll look rather foolish, really.

The whole policy exemplifies how unwise Western governments are, how fragmented. The people who decide to implement “total nuclear” are completely separate from the people who manage immigration policy—and these are both separate from the people who manage defence. So you have this completely risky and dangerous energy policy, because everything is siloed.

Everything is decided by specialists, and your nuclear engineer, when he does a risk assessment on your plant, doesn’t think in terms of “insurgency warfare in France”—that’s not his bailiwick, so it’s not planned for. It’s because there’s no holistic government—everything is specialised and siloed, there’s no wise king or wise advisers to a king to point out how specific policies could be in conflict with the general situation.

I become increasingly fed up with the smugness of engineers and scientists. These people worship science and technology. So they’ll confidently tell you, as they did with Fukushima, that “it’s resilient against tsunamis” but then it turns out their models didn’t take into account the type of tsunami that happened in 2011.

Then they just go into minimisation, into denial, and say “the radiation is hardly anything, people could easily eat the fish at once”. The same story with Chernobyl—it’s “impossible” for the reactor to melt down, there are so many safety procedures; but then it melts down. “But that’s because of human error (subtext: they’re Russians!)”. Yeah—but where’s the evidence human error will decrease in the future?

Anyway, as it turns out, the French aren’t so self-sufficient with their uranium—because their fuel depended on control of some restive central African republics, which have now risen, with Russian help and instigation, against the French. And the French are too impotent to do anything about it. They went nuclear to avoid being beholden to the Arabs in the 1970s oil shock—but, ironically enough, they’ve ended up beholden to the Africans instead.

So I don’t buy it when engineers say “it’ll be fine”—what that actually means is “I have this hubristic idea I’m like a God, because *most of the time* technology is flawless (apart from the times it blows up when it shouldn’t and lays waste to vast tranches of land).” However, once confronted with the fuck up it’s just denied. You’re just being a “smelly hippy” if you complain.

Climate change is real, but it’s exaggerated—same as the risk of nuclear war was real but exaggerated by the left in the 1980s. There are many other existential threats. You can tell it’s real because the right will put forward solutions, like nuclear power—if it wasn’t real, they wouldn’t even bother with a pretended solution. It’s just not existential. The left fixates on it because it can be used to restructure society, unlike, for example, an imminent asteroid strike.

The idea of “conservation” has been in circulation in places like Harvard since at least the 1930s (to judge by a philosophy textbook I read from the era)—except back then it included “racial conservation” as well. The whole environmental thing is to do with Nordics—Nordics hate waste. So the whole conservation idea, the whole environmental movement, is catnip for people from the cold who survived because they were conservative with supplies.

You don’t see African environmentalists because people who have grown up with literal low-hanging fruit just don’t think in “conservation” terms. That’s why NW Europeans in particular are ga-ga for climate change—it hits them right in the “clean your plate”, “waste not, want not” nerve centre. You don’t get that with an asteroid impact.

Environmentalists aren’t “Gaia worshippers”, they’re not actually anti-technology or pagan. They’re just feminised men and women—they hate “noisy, dirty, smelly” technology (masculine) but they like “quiet, clean, neutral” technology (like solar panels and wind farms). They don’t like nuclear power, even though it is one solution to climate change, because it’s dangerous and dirty (= masculine)—and hence is “bad”.

However, the basic intuition “technology is wrecking the planet” is right—technology, modern technology, has been terrible for the planet. It creates ugliness and pollution everywhere. “But we can’t stop, billions would die!”. True—but billions wouldn’t exist without this modern technology (that seems to mainly turn people into selfish zombies).

It’s an absolute curse, especially when you know that there are powers within man, like the siddhis, that are completely non-invasive and can only be cultivated when we look inward and remove our egotistic desires through ascetic discipline, so as to be genuinely in harmony with nature—and not in the sense that I plug my computer into a solar panel.

It seems to me we’re more like on a ride that nobody feels we can step off safely, but which continues to go faster and faster—and which the people who are nominally “at the controls” of periodically reassure us is “totally safe, fool-proof, modelled against the worst tsunamis” only for everything to be deluged by a freak wave that it turns out “we didn’t account for in our models”.


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