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Προφητεία (139)

The Hitchens brothers: the other day, I noted that “8” is the number that dominates the Jews—and the Hitchens brothers, both being Jewish, their mother being Jewish, exemplify the Jewish “8” dilemma perfectly. The “8” can cut two ways—either towards inversion, perversion, and revolution or towards study, obedience, and spiritual insight. It explains why people have an ambivalent relationship to the Jews—often loathed, often admired.

So on the one hand, you have Christopher—the inverter, the perverter, the revolutionary; and on the other hand you have Peter, the conservative, the traditionalist, the preserver.

To take Christopher first, it should be obvious to you why he died from oesophageal cancer—cancer of the throat, in essence. It struck at his voice—the voice he had used to damn God up and down the land (if not the world). It was a punishment from God. This is known but not said. Unlike his companion, Dawkins, CH said very acerbic and nasty things about God and religion.

Dawkins is just a European and like all Europeans he doesn’t believe in Christianity—no European does in their heart. So he never criticises Buddhism, he just criticises the Abrahamic faiths—because these faiths don’t make sense to us Europeans, it’s not how we conceptualise the divine.

However, CH was a Jew—and he damned his own God, and his own God punished him. It was because he was an Aries—these people are fiery and full of war-like energy. He had Venus in Aries, it means “impishly immoral”. These people are impulsive in relationships and can never be restrained by “civilised behaviour”. They’re basically demonic.

With Neptune in Libra, he had a talent for intuitive artistic creation (poetry). But these people also have fuzzy ideas—and if you look the beliefs put forward by CH they only amount to a vague idea of “constant revolution”. He also had Pluto in Leo—that means prideful behaviour, a desire to reach the top in society; and he did that in America—ingratiating himself with the elites there and becoming a court stenographer (his praise for the Iraq War).

Ironically, he had Lilith in Pisces “a fascination with self-sacrifice and blending into others; prophetic vision or death.” They tend to be wise men or prophets—so it’s likely CH felt connected to everything, and actually had a strong spiritual sense. Really, he was an anti-prophet or an anti-Christ figure—everything was connected to a negation of God. People with Lilith in Pisces should also beware of alcohol—a particular CH weakness.

He had Chiron in Sagittarius, these people tend to face religious or ideological crises throughout their life—just as CH ditched Marxism, then went on to his later progressive liberal revolutionary beliefs.

Overall, his Mercury in Aries sums up CH, “lively imps who will do anything to get attention”—these people are fast and impulsive. His whole temperament was fiery, immoral, and naughty—it’s a war-like temperament, being ruled by Mars. It’s symbolised by “the goat”—which is literally a Satanic symbol in some contexts.

Peter Hitchens is a Scorpio—same as Savile and Guénon. These people make good gangsters, surgeons, band leaders, and soldiers—they like to snip at people, to bully them, and to form a small coterie that they keep in line with sharp comments (like a mafia boss). They’re quite affectionate for their stooges, but if you cross them you end up in the concrete foundations.

You see this in PH when he retweets Westminster Abbey and corrects their Bible verses to the KJV from their modern version (he does the same with his commenters, snips at them for minor errors). That’s typical Scorpio—giving someone a snip to keep them in line. It belies PH’s stated conservatism—if he thinks the Church is so corrupted he can’t agree with their scriptures, he should leave; he’s not the Archbishop of Canterbury, it’s not up to him what scripture they use.

He has Mercury in Scorpio—these people don’t seek reconciliation, they’re about revenge. It’s why PH is disliked—quite nasty. He has an article pinned up called ‘The Hated Peter Hitchens’ which he composed about himself—but that’s because he’s vicious. It’s not about being traditional or Christian—plenty of traditional Christians about who aren’t hated. It’s not what he says, so much as the way he says it—he has huge Scorpio energy, huge sting and snip.

People with Mercury in Scorpio have rivals when they are young who are teachers or older siblings—in this case, PH’s rivalry with Christopher. He has Mars in Virgo—these people are demanding and have high standards; and he likes to blame many things on “lack of standards”, his most recent book is all about that in education.

North Lunar Node, aspects should be developed: “These people need to open up to their spirituality and imagination. They need to escape the constraints of the usual and explainable and be open to the unusual and unexplainable. They need to go beyond the rational and analytical, develop imaginative powers and spiritual awareness…Beware of morbid obsession with order, cleanliness and rejection of everything that is not in perfect order or cannot be explained.”

Although PH talks about religion, at heart he doesn’t think it’s real—it’s good material for a Scorpio bully, but really he’s rationalistic. You see in this alignment his innate conservatism—“obsession with cleanliness, order, and rejection of imperfection (which in this case includes mysteries)”.

He has Lilith in Cancer—“fear of the castrating mother”; and to judge from CH’s biography CH was closer to their mother, whereas PH identifies with his father—talks about him a lot. These people distrust their emotions—and PH is unemotional and rationalistic. These people often end up with an interest in ancestors and sacred places (true for PH). Overall, he is conservative because he has an interest in standards and traditions, unlike his brother—at heart, he’s too rationalistic to think religion is real.


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