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Προφητεία (136)

Henry Kissinger (Gemini): he had the same Lilith position as Stalin and Netanyahu—“Blind force, a brutal indulgence in challenges that are often devastating.” Hence Kissinger’s reputation as a man who used excessive force is deserved—just like Netanyahu and Stalin, he would hit very hard “to conquer or create something new”. These people have to watch out for “head injuries, cuts, scars, and violence.” They will wound others and themselves.

Hence, in his early career, Kissinger advocated against Eisenhower’s policy of “massive retaliation” and argued instead for the routine use of tactical nuclear weapons—a situation that would have increased the risk of total nuclear war, or else made it routine at a limited level.

The accusations levelled against Kissinger by the left, though somewhat exaggerated, have an element of truth to them—the Cambodia bombing, the Indonesian violence in East Timor, the Pakistani massacres in Bangladesh, and so on and on. As with Stalin and Netanyahu, this is just how people with Lilith in Aries roll.

Now, of course, Kissinger was a Gemini. These people are great communicators—natural diplomats. However, Kissinger had Lilith in the 11th House—this means he was “a very demanding friend” and had “a difficult integration with other groups in society”.

As Kissinger himself noted, in a notorious interview with the Italian journalist Oriana Fallaci:

“The main point arises from the fact that I've always acted alone. Americans like that immensely. Americans like the cowboy who leads the wagon train by riding ahead alone on his horse, the cowboy who rides all alone into the town, the village, with his horse and nothing else…All he needs is to be alone, to show others that he rides into the town and does everything by himself. This amazing, romantic character suits me precisely because to be alone has always been part of my style or, if you like, my technique. Together with independence. Oh, that's very important in me…”

This fits with this Pluto in the 1st House—intensity and strong will. These people are magnetic and want power, but do not cooperate well with other people. They like to “meet influential people”—they are “mysterious, strange, and difficult to understand” (Kissinger is often called “a complex character”). However, they are also “bossy and power hungry”—which fits with Kissinger (his magnetic qualities coming out in his high sex drive, “the wife-swapper”).

However, with Pluto in Cancer, Kissinger had a caring and intuitive side—he was motherly. So, for example, when Nixon was mad with him and refused to see him Kissinger drove to his house (but was turned away at the gate by the Secret Service). That’s because these people need stability at home. They also “like to meet influential people” and are “socially conscious”.

With Neptune in Leo, he was someone who listens to their heart and feelings. In the interview with Fallaci, Kissinger insisted that he never calculated so that he made a genuine connection with people in his diplomacy. But people with this alignment often think they’re better than others. His 3rd House indicates that he was adept at communication at a high level.

Again, with Uranus in the 10th House, he needed to work independently and was susceptible career instability—and “instability in the way the public perceives these people”. So Kissinger was hated by many—but his reputation fluctuated a lot, from China-US genius to Cambodia “demon”. With Uranus in Pisces he was a visionary and idealist—this refers to the way he sought to shake-up the diplomatic world (ironically, with “neo-realism”, in diplomatic terms).

With Jupiter in Scorpio, Kissinger believed “there is no profit without hardship”. This position contains a desire to be “truly powerful” and seeks “depth, darkness, and mystery” (neo-realism). This search in the depth helps them find themselves—and often occurs through sex, as with Kissinger’s affairs (Jill St. John etc). With Jupiter in the 6th House, he had the ability to raise morale with his fellow workers and a talent for working with people in general (diplomat).

Kissinger had Mars in Gemini—these people “never stop moving” (shuttle diplomacy) and are very aggressive and fiery. They always want to put up a fight. This fiery aspect often manifests verbally—as when Kissinger described the North Vietnamese as “shits” after a diplomatic encounter.

He had Mercury in Gemini—these people try to master many subjects but can be superficial. Notably, Kissinger was most embarrassed at how he handled the Cyprus crisis—because everyone said he was ignorant of “the basics” but arrogantly carried on anyway and so muddled the whole situation. This was his real career failure.

Gemini position indicates a person who often doesn’t get full recognition for their efforts—but they don’t mind. They work in the background—as, for example, a National Security Advisor. They don’t yearn for public recognition. He was someone with a “career that included a rich social life”, these people become famous in old age (which Kissinger was). His Mercury position indicates someone who likes to pursue multiple goals at once—who likes to travel; but with Mercury in the 12th House, Kissinger was someone who liked to hide away and had a “rich inner life”.

Overall, the picture fits Kissinger: a man with multiple interests and a talent for communication who liked to work behind the scenes and developed himself through romance—but who had an aggressive streak that could involve devastating force. With Chiron in Aries and Chiron in the 11th House, he was someone who was “traumatised” by their lack of assertiveness and failure to implement “utopian visions” to change society—a hurt that sometimes carries on into old age.

Kissinger, though a political realist, was very ambitious in his desire to restructure diplomatic relations—and perhaps, in his high aspirations, he ultimately failed (NB Kissinger did act to the US determinant in at least one regard, he delayed telling Nixon that Israel had invaded Egypt for 3 hours—so granting Israel an advantage).


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