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Προφητεία (134)

Elon Musk (≠ Messiah): people tend to treat Elon Musk as the Messiah—they talk about him like he can solve all the problems in the world. He’s actually a very successful businessman—that doesn’t mean he can solve all the problems in the world. Now, his star sign is Cancer, so he does have this maternal aspect—this need to care for the brood; and that’s why many people put their faith in him, I think—he does genuinely feel a need to care and it extends to the whole of mankind.

When he says he wants to put man on Mars because we might be wiped out by a cosmic catastrophe I think he’s sincere—and that’s partly why everyone begs him to “do something” when each new world crisis occurs, they respond to that maternal side to him. However, there’s a limit to what one man can do.

At the moment, Musk has been to Israel to demonstrate to the Jews that he is not going to let X damage their agenda. Now, Musk is not against the Jews because (a) his grandfather was Jewish and (b) he has children with a Jewish woman—so I don’t think he’s against the Jews per se. Also, I noticed his mother, whom he is close to, giving a Masonic symbol once (she was a model—you don’t get to be a model without working with the Jews and the Freemasons).

You still don’t understand, do you? The Devil controls the earth absolutely—and you will serve him because you cannot stop your lies. Your servitude is voluntary. You can’t even say one true and sincere thing. It’s why the whole slate will have to be wiped—and will be wiped very soon (in cosmic terms).

Anyway, Musk is just a guy trying to run his business—he only has so many arms, right? He can’t revive the dead, can he? He might be annoyed when the progressive cutting edge interferes with his business interests, but he’s tied into the whole project anyway—just at another level.

It’s like when the British ran India. You know, some English people really liked the Indians and did a lot to boost them, and some hated them and compartmentalised themselves away from them (more the former than the latter, actually)—but the English still ran India. Some Englishmen even introduced ideas to the Indians that weakened their rule—ideas like socialism and liberalism (and put them through university—that’s how you make a nasty cultural hybrid like Gandhi).

It’s the same deal with Judeo-Masonry. You know, some of them quite like the people they rule—and some will take their own ideas so far that it damages their own interests, as in when their attacks on settler-colonialism extend into attacks on Zionism itself.

But it didn’t mean the British didn’t run India, anymore than it means Judeo-Masonry doesn’t control America. Liberals will make a big fuss about how, say, Chomsky is against Israel (ergo, the Jews don’t control everything)—but Bertrand Russell was against England running India; it doesn’t prove what you think—it just proves there are disagreements in the ruling elite.

In some ways, Musk instantiates European culture—as I noted some time ago—but that was when my interpretation was just a profane interpretation and not a spiritual interpretation. So he is Faustian—he does represented this technological drive European man has. But you know what I’m going to say by now, don’t you? Nobody attains the immortal stars through technology, through rocket ships and all that.

And death isn’t real, so whether or not mankind is “saved” off-world is irrelevant. Technology is an illusion—and Starlink is the opposite to a link to the stars; it will blot out the stars with artificial satellites, so that, even in the Amazon jungle, with your dying breath, you can watch a little jingly quasi-hypnotic cartoon on your phone.

There’s a lot else going on with Elon, like the way he says, insincerely, he’s “worried about AI”. I don’t know what he’s actually talking about when he says “AI”—I don’t think people really mean “AI”, as in something with circuits and the like, when they say “AI”. I think they either mean God or the Devil—but it’s not about plastic boxes with circuits.

Anyway, if he were really “worried about AI” he’d shut down all his businesses—which all rely on AI and its improvement, so far as I can see. He hasn’t done so, and so we know it’s just words. Perhaps it’s just that Cancer instinct to worry about things again, I don’t know. I just know it’s not sincere.

Incidentally, on the subject of blotting things out, have you notice how hard it is, still, to find out Israeli casualties in Gaza? That’s the power the Jews have, when they really don’t want you to know something they can blot it out completely. Hm. I wonder what else they have blotted out completely from your consciousness—blotted out with that entertaining little box of looney tunes and merry melodies?

Elon Musk is not the Messiah—technology is not going to save you. Technology is a distraction, it shatters consciousness apart and makes people superficial and dead. ChatGPT is like some badly strung together tin man, everything comes out tied together in this unnatural way—because it has no soul. It’s like the pictures AI produces—they cause a tension in the upper part of my mind, because they’re “not quite right” but almost right. It’s just slightly out of alignment. It’s all from America, anyway—and America was founded to serve the Devil.

Men like Trump and Musk aren’t going to save you—they’re part of the system, system owned. They might be more engaged with certain aspects of reality than other people, but they’re still fully tied in (because you don’t get anywhere in this world unless you bend the knee and serve the Devil).


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