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Προφητεία (126)

Church of England: I used to go to church at Christmas but I gave up when the female vicar gave a sermon that was mostly about her son and his achievements—which is what a woman is interested in, if she has a child (and fair enough). But it’s not about religion, I don’t think—so I will not participate in the charade (the male vicar, when he appeared, did at least only speak about his son and the computer games he was into after the service—he held back on that point, anyway).

Also, another time, I met a man who was in the choir, a former naval officer, and he was very proud that he had sex wife this younger man’s wife—he was married himself, the other man was perhaps twenty-five or thirty years younger. He was very proud about it, came up with a little nickname for the other man, because this man was posher than him—and he was motivated by envy in part. This is what he showed round to other people as a joke. He shows it to me, and I am meant to laugh (“I call him ‘sir’ to her”)—but I do not laugh, and he is afraid (It’s all part of the game, isn’t it? But this man seems not to play). He is nothing but spite and envy.

This is what the Church of England is—and the Royal Navy, for that matter (both dead organisations, as it happens). Well, if that is what the Church of England is, I do not want to be a part of it. “By their fruits you shall know them.”

It is the same with the Catholic priest in the previous article, he wants to viciously cane little boys for a sexual thrill. If that is your religion, I do not want it—I do not think it is a religion. The answers they give, “you must forgive” or “you are too harsh on people”—well, these are the answers for politicians and diplomats. It is “expedient” for…I don’t know “for the good of the Church”, or perhaps “we’re all sinners”. Yet what is this organisation’s purpose if it turns out people like that? I mean surely it is meant to make some difference to the way people behave?

“Now, now…don’t cause a fuss.” Indeed, if Jesus hadn’t caused a fuss they wouldn’t even have a religion in the first place.

So I say that all their churches should burn down, that they should all go bust, that they should be whipped from the charred ruins—from their secure positions. They are rotten and filthy. I am not a follower of Jesus, but they shit on the face of Jesus—just like the American “followers of Christ” shit on the face of Jesus when they worship the Jews. They do not care and are hypocrites. They do not think it is real—they whisper against single mothers in censorious tones and fuck other men’s wives and complain about the gays (but then let them do whatever they want in the Church, because they are cowards).

It must all go—the Church of England, the Roman Catholic Church. These are rancid organisations, these are rotten—these organisations are filth. Let all their churches and cathedrals be burned down—just like Notre-Dame. That cathedral was burned down in a conspiracy, it was some deliberate Masonic move (the true reasons have never been published for that reason, it is all concealed—and there is a wider move to destroy all the churches in France). However, the esoteric reason it burned down is that it was just a tourist attraction, not a cathedral—these churches are burned down in a conspiracy but the conspiracy succeeds because these are no longer sacred places that receive divine protection.

There’s no point keeping holy buildings around that aren’t holy any more—if all you do is provide a space for women to make speeches about how great their sons are, or to facilitate men in the congregation to sleep with other men’s wives with sadistic glee, or to provide a “cultural experience” for thousands of repulsive Chinese tourists. Just burn it all down, none of it is real—it’s just an ugly rotten parody.

So I’ll never listen to any of them—to the Church of England, to the Catholics—because I know what they are. I can’t unsee what I’ve seen, so I’ll leave it to the pompous self-satisfied frauds to go to “the mince pie Christmas party” and sit with the rotten old bitches who spend their time spreading poison about the village while they alternate to see who will dry-hump the vicar. I don’t even think Christ’s message was ever preached in Europe—I think it was corrupted from the very beginning, and that Christianity was a rancid con from the Devil himself.

So let it all come down—let’s end the hypocrisy. It’s rotten now beyond belief—it’s always been hypocrisy, you meet a Royal Marine and he is a devout Catholic; he’s against abortion, he’s “pro-life” (but he shot the Taliban in Iraq, right through the head—even when they put their hands up). Jesus wasn’t like that—but he was against hypocrisy. Couldn’t you at least worship a warrior god and be consistent? It’s more in the spirit of Jesus—not to be a hypocrite, not to worship “the prince of peace” while you stick the blade into a warm body. At least the Taliban worship Mohammad, he says you have to fight—to bring victory for the glory of Allah.

These Christians have made Europeans, the most martial of races, the most rancid hypocrites. When these Christians want to justify their bloodshed they skip back, quickly, to the Old Testament—to the law their Christ negated, the law that is just pagan law (lex talionis—an eye for an eye). Let it all come down, Alkaid, end this hypocrisy for all time.


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