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Προφητεία (123)

A Sufi master said, when asked for evidence for God’s existence, “When the sun is risen, no lamp is required—everything around is evidence for God, if the sun has risen in your heart.” What did he mean by that?

Often people will think about it this way: they will say, “Look at the angelfish, how could such a marvellous creature come about on its own? Therefore, there must be a God—the evidence is all around you,” or perhaps they say, “Look at the oak, how could such a magnificent tree exist without a creator?”.

When you hear these statements you feel bored, you feel woolly—like cotton wool, not like sheep’s wool. You feel sceptical, not convinced. There is a great blankness—the blankness covers everything. You are being lied to.

This is because the sun has not risen in the hearts of the men who say these things. The men who say these things, who argue with Darwinists, still cling to their lamp—they are still searching themselves; and to reassure themselves that they will find what they search for they have gathered other men around them for safety. They are all gathered round the lamp and they say “the lamp is God, it’s obvious”—but most people, surrounded by the dark, feel there is more to it than that.

Because they do not know, they must convince others. So they say, “The oak proves God exists, how could this magnificent tree exist without God?”. But that is begging the question. I could say, “And how could it not exist without God?”. The reason they use this fallacy is because they are desperate to convince others, to save others, to save themselves—so they try to manipulate people with fallacies, which are lies.

Because evolution by natural selection can explain why there is an oak or an angelfish—so they lie. Once challenged, these men are stuck; perhaps they talk about how men cannot be good without God, but again it is manipulation—mostly they just get reaction formation and lie more, tell more sentimental lies. They want to manipulate you—to show you puppies or wicked people or saints—so that you will say, “Oh, yes I believe.” If they have manipulated you, played on your emotions enough, you will sit by their lamp too—and, though you do not think it is real, you will say “oh all right, you must be right—there is a God, if you’re going to go on about it.”

But in their hearts nobody thinks it’s so, they know they have cheated—twisted you with an argument. Perhaps they feel “good” now—perhaps they feel “saved”. But they lie—and the sceptics and materialists point out their lies. It is very easy to do.

All the world is evidence for God, but not like that. It is like so: it is like if I write an article about how I know there is a God and then I type in the address of my website but instead of autocompleting “” it takes me to the search page for “73”, when it has never done so before, and there I see the pentagram and an article that explains that “73” is a “star number”, the number of union with the Godhead through the pentagram—then I would say that there is evidence for God all around us.

But that is not like saying “look at the oak”, “look at the angelfish”—it is an experience that belongs to me so that I know it is so as I know the Atlantic Ocean is to the west of Britain. This is what it means for the sun to have risen so that you do not need a lamp. Why do I need to convince you? I have seen the evidence.

I do not need to tug at your sleeve like a puppy and say, “You must believe, because the ocean is so wet and so large—and Britain is where it is on this map, see here, look at this map; just look at it! How can you doubt that the Atlantic Ocean is in the west?”. If you know, you do not need to convince—that is what believers do. But believers do not know, they can only bully a community of faith in the hope that will keep them safe (but they never really feel safe, because they are surrounded by darkness).

It is not a scientific theory—it is not about whether the oak was made by a large man in another dimension, or by forces of selection. The evidence is within—and it is not a dogma, it is not a code. It is not written in any holy book, it is not contained in any sermon, it is not in any religion in particular. It can be found in some religions more than others; and it is found in magic most of all, for all religions are based on magic—even the ones invented by the Jews, like Christianity and Islam, that lie and say they are not based on magic are in fact so (and lie about it to slave people to them).

Yet even magic is only a finger that points at the sky—it is not the illumination itself. There is no illumination in a book about magic, or in a person who knows about magic—though a master whose sun has risen may point you in a direction that may help you.

Today, most do not know—they will not even take the elementary step, to stop lying all the time and be sincere. At most they will join a church where they can feel proud that they believe but other people don’t believe—and rub their hands about how inferior everyone else is to them and how, though they don’t think it’s real, people they don’t like will go to hell. That is “religion” for them—that is “Christianity today”.


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