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Προφητεία (120)

A man said to me, “And wouldn’t it be great if all these Muslims in the West could be led by a figure like TE Lawrence, but perhaps informed by Sufi mysticism as Guénon followed—which Jonathan Bowden called ‘the only type of Islam attractive to the Western mind’. Couldn’t that renew the West?”.

Then another man said to me: “In the valley of stars, there is a tower of silence.”

The first person does not understand what Sufism is. It is not about “action”—it is not about when you get in a car, when you declare a war, when you lead a protest march. That is not true action—that is what people are addicted to, even though it changes nothing.

People move about the earth at an ever greater rate—and they know less and less, and they do less and less. Because they do not have real knowledge, and they do not understand real movement.

So a guerrilla war, like the one led by TE Lawrence, is not true action—it is the lesser jihad, not the greater jihad. True action is travelling without moving and winning without contending. Just as the Chinese say that a single man sitting in a room writing his characters, even though no one ever sees them, can change the world.

“I do not believe that is possible.” That is because you have not experienced it—you have not experienced the power of the heart. But if you seek, you shall find.

You shall find what Rumi said:

“The strength of the strongest man can merely split a stone;

The Power that informs man’s soul can cleave the moon.

If man’s heart but untie the mouth of mystery’s sack,

His soul soon soars aloft beyond the starry track.

If heaven’s mystery divulged should, ’haps, become,

The whole world ’twould burn up, as fire doth wood consume.”

In the second place, the first person speaks cowardice—he is not sincere. It is the belief that you can hide behind the Muslims and still be considered a “good” person—but Westerners do not want to be Muslims, nor do they wish to be dominated by racial aliens.

You cannot hide behind Islam because the left pretends to like Islam (though it will destroy it too, and especially Sufism—that is why there are so many bad translations of Rumi in the West, the “poet of love” that girls like to read; but he is the poet of metaphysical love, the lips he kisses belong to God).

I asked the I Ching my destiny yesterday, last time it said I am a prophet—but this time it said, “If you are sincere, you have success in your heart; and whatever you do succeeds”. Sincerity surmounts danger. Whatever the circumstances, you must be like water—water always finds its level, it is always true to itself, it is always sincere.

As the oracle says: “If one is sincere when confronted with difficulties, the heart can penetrate the meaning of the situation. And once we have gained inner mastery of a problem, it will come about naturally that the action we take will succeed.” You see, ideas like “we can use the Muslims to save us” are not sincere—and we are only in this situation in the first place because we are led by people who are not sincere.

It’s like the Syrian army song from their civil war: “Homeland, Honour, Sincerity!” (شرف اخلاص وطن / Watan, Saharaf, Ixlas!)—yes, that!

The situation will only begin to change when people are sincere—which means to become perfected so that what is on the outside and always wants to come in can enter this plane of reality.

So you have to tell people what you actually want in your heart, not a diplomatic or political formulation that you think will win people over—or be “acceptable”. Only that will change the world, absolute sincerity. Clever projects built from lies that conceal what your heart truly desires will never come to any good, they will either make no impression or be corralled into what already exists. Of course, to be sincere requires courage—because sincerity is not appreciated, it is mocked.

You are meant to be “clever” and “play the game”—but that is why there are so many wars in the world in the first place. You think you can cheat the heart—but the heart knows everything.

When Rumi has a caesar ask in a poem called ‘The Great (Spiritual) warfare’, “How can clear water be expected from black mud? Why then is the pure soul combined with flesh and blood?” he refers to the black earth of kemet, of alchemy (al-khemy) and he refers to the black mud from which the lotus blossom blooms—in which the baby Horus sits.

He uses the word “nubiquity” in this regard—it can’t be translated into English, not well. Persian, like German, can easily form compound words, just as we have “toast-rack” in English. This “nubiquity” is like “ubiquitous nullity”—you might say total-null, the null which permeates everything.

So Rumi says, “God, from nubiquity, His foot will stamp on hell.

Then will it cease to burn: He willed, and it befell!”

When the sun rises, the sun within your chest, you will not need a lamp to see this truth—but it can only be experienced, just as you do not know what a fire is until you have touched it. Time to put your hand into the fire.

As an aside, the oracle continues: “Shut in between thorn-hedged prison walls: for three years one does not find the way.” That is because I still have 4 years until I reach the Grail, so for a time it will be difficult to find the path—the other hexagram said “Opposition”. I suppose that if I am sincere I will find the way—to the valley of the stars, where there is a tower of silence.


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