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Προφητεία (3)

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

I want to tell you about the fate that will befall the Mormons. The end will come relatively late in the sequence, because they fulfil certain state-essential functions in the national security domain—yet I already see the black body bags, row upon row, almost beyond sight; they are all in a large crater—it must be Utah, I presume.

There are Mormons elsewhere—perhaps on some tropical isle, and perhaps they will escape (perhaps the idea will be that the poisoned air will kill them). Yet the bulk live in Utah—so this must be late in the developments, perhaps 2032 or 2034. It is difficult to say when—only that it will happen. The bags are arranged in three rows: men, women, and children.

When Jews like Edward Luttwak complain about Mormons in the security services, like the CIA, it is because the Mormons are a European group with high conferred ethnocentricity; and, as such, they form a formidable barrier to Jewish influence in the intelligence services—the Jews, with higher ethnocentricity, can work their way around atomised individual whites but the Mormons form their own mini-cabal. This proves a problem for the Jews when they want to steal technology from America—and their technology is all stolen—or when they want to re-route American foreign policy.

So for a secular Jew like Luttwak the Mormons are a constant block to his plans. And they are overrepresented in the security apparatus because they all have compulsory missions and these missions are often abroad and so they are that rare group of Americans schooled in a foreign language—plus, even now, they are seen as “native” and so as reliable. Hence they end up over-represented in the security services—they are also super-patriots, because they think the Constitution is a divine work (it was designed by Satanic inspiration—unfortunately). But the Mormons as a race are basically English, overwhelmingly so—they’re almost all “old stock Americans” in that sense, albeit with an eccentric belief system.

The English blood explains why they’re so polite—further, being banned from the consumption of hot drinks, they don’t consume that very American beverage, coffee. It marks them out. The ban on hot drinks was genuine prophecy—Joseph Smith had it long before the Mormons were forced to leave for Utah; and, obviously, in Utah they would have to drink cold drinks anyway—he just anticipated what would happen and banned hot drinks to get them ready.

Nevertheless, Mormonism has been controlled by Freemasonry from the beginning—it is rooted in Masonry; so its job is to help the Jews build the Temple. It may run into a few individual secular Jews here and there and get entangled with them, but that’s life—life is complicated. The Mormons enable a great deal to come to pass but sometimes they frustrate another branch that works on different objectives. Then they become a problem.

Of course, the pre-programming for their elimination has already been inserted into all media. The Book of Mormon was just one step in that process—the first step, just to make them seem ridiculous and weaken their group cohesion. As with all demolitions, it will be a controlled demolition—the Elders in the Church, all being Freemasons, will be instructed to act at certain times and in certain ways to extinguish this branch of the European family in its entirety.

Of course, nobody likes a traitor—as they do so, as they lead them to the crater, the plans for their disposal will already be well-advanced; they think they’re going to heaven with Jesus—they will go somewhere else altogether (a bullet in the back of the head, if they’re lucky).

A great deal is already programmed in—it’s like circumcision, that was rolled out for American males post-war; that was to make sure it would be difficult to do a holocaust in America—the Jewish doctors, very influential, pushed that measure through quickly (concern that soldiers, like Patton, might think that America fought the wrong side and act at home).

In addition, circumcision is a magical operation—the America soul, already completely cut off from its ancestral gods, was already vulnerable; now it was Judaised almost completely—it’s like the World Trade Center, itself a giant sigil designed around a profane model of the Ka’ba; it was designed to bind Islam so Zionism could conquer Palestine—as soon as it fell down, Islam grew in strength.

So—many body bags. A betrayal took place—at this stage, the political picture is…complicated. Yet it all unfolds in accord with certain esoteric projections and ideas—it will be easy, the Mormons are already so invested in Masonry they are practically defenceless at the highest levels.

Yet it will be nothing so gauche as that the Marines will gun them down—that is obscured to me. All I see is the crater and the bodies that go on and on and on. A Chinese journalist goes there and writes a story about it—there is, in fact, a minor scandal, even in China; and, perhaps, it is used for some crude propaganda—but at that stage China herself will already will be gravely ailed.

Yes—much has been laid down for the bloodshed to come. Netflix and so on—it’s all programmed in (“Enjoy your programming”). Day and night the screens spew colours and sounds—into the baby’s eyes, into the public brain.

I see a book in the dust—a children’s book (“You’re playing with our emotions!” Look, it’s just what I see). I can’t see the title, it’s covered in dust. Off-road vehicles come along here—fewer in recent weeks. The smell is palpable in the heat—it hits you like a solid block, it’s like warm fur (if that makes sense). Of course, this site is not everyone—I think it’s the middle leadership, the ones who might have resisted…I suppose the others will be left to be picked off.


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Jul 21, 2023

Do you believe similar for the Amish? Even I could piece together that during hard times groups like the Amish and Mormons should do fairly well compared to the rest of America.

They are as pure a race as the Mormons, but are more outside the system than them and granted special privileges, like not having a social security number. They might be too mentally Christian I suppose you would say.

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