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Προφητεία (4)

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

I have had my predictions as regards the Mormons confirmed to me: (a) when I published my article and flicked to Twitter someone said “you need to eliminate the middle tier in society to control it”—my article mentioned elimination of the middle management of Mormonism; (b) I flicked to a Command and Conquer cutscene video this morning on YouTube—it was set in 2035, one of the years I predicted the events I foresaw would take place, and it featured the villain “Cain” (the Mormons are the people of Cain [Gentiles]) and his organisation had been all but been wiped out in the cutscene; (c) in line with my other article published on the same day that mentioned that “Ein Sof” in kabbalah can be associated with “000”, I saw a bus today with its destination set to “000”—hence it seems likely the Mormons will be “all but wiped out” around 2035.

It also struck me that, as a companion to the idea that the “rainbow people” are Noahides, that Leviticus forbids tattoos. As noted, I came across this idea that in order for the Messiah to come the Jews need certain laws to be transgressed—so, for example, the blacks are considered the servants of the servants by the Jews and for the whites to bow down to the blacks, as in “take a knee”, would be to transgress this law; if the “rainbow people” are Noahides then they have committed idolatry by worshipping blacks—and hence can be killed, having transgressed the law. Well, as a companion to that, tattoos could be a means to get people to break Leviticus so they too can be killed.

After all, where did the tattoo craze come from? From the media. As an Arab professor said to me many years ago at a party, “The Jews control all your media.” I then shushed him because I thought it would ruin his reputation—but it’s true. So that’s where the tattoo craze comes from—it’s another way to line us up to be slaughtered, in a kosher way. I suppose since the Jews had circumcision normed for American babies, through their influence on the medical establishment to prevent identification in another holocaust, they need another way to get people to be easily identified as non-Jews when the time for the massacre comes.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a tattoos as such—the Celts were often heavily tattooed, the stigma comes from the influence of the Old Testament on Western societies (only Western “barbarians” like criminals, soldiers, and fishermen have tattoos—at least, up until the last 25 years or so…).

You can see an intimation as to how the slaughter will be carried out when you watch the prankster “Mizzy”. This was black African in London who filmed himself breaking into white people’s homes and harassing them on the street—his backers are Jewish, to judge by photographs in circulation. He was taken into a police station at one time, but this seems to have been faked.

This is “predictive programming” to make blacks understand that it’s okay to break into the homes of whites and harass them—eventually, to kill them. The police will not punish Mizzy, nor will the courts because these are controlled by Masonry and have been ordered to stand aside. At the moment, it’s just “messing about”—but, at the right moment, certain media, only delivered to blacks via the demographic-adjusted algorithms that dominate social media, will switch to “torture” and “kill”.

It’s the same as the way white men have disappeared from all media—or are portrayed as weak, tortured, murdered. The slaughter is very close now—the media will just make a certain switch, barely discernible, and very soon now. The police and military will not respond because they are controlled by the Masons or the Jews.

The US Marine Corps, despite Jews only making up about 4.5% of the US military, has already been led by a Jew (who implemented various diversity policies). Ironically, the US military is one institution where the Jews are represented in proportional numbers to their actual numbers in the general population; but if it’s not the actual Jews who run the military, it’s Freemasons—who report to the Jews.

I anticipate the slaughter to begin in approximately 2027. It is inevitable and there is no way to escape it—everything is already in place and the predictive programming has been implemented; perhaps if you move to a rural area you can avoid it for a while.

it will probably be like South Africa where it is “deniable”; homes will be broken into, the knife held to the mother’s cunt before she is raped, the media will not report it, the police will not respond. It has already happened in South Africa—the Boers do not defend themselves because their leadership allied themselves with the Israeli state in the 1970s; they thought they were smart—but they were sold out completely; after all, the South African Communist Party’s entire armed wing, the armed wing of the ANC, was run by a Jew. The Boers do nothing now because their leadership is still run by Masons or a similar outfit—they will be finished off in a few years.

I think I should add at this point that the atom bomb does not exist—it’s a total hoax. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were just mass attacks with incendiary devices and footage of the tests is just footage a high-explosive TNT. The whole fascination with Oppenheimer + Barbie—which is itself some magical operation that I am not privy too—relates partly to the fact Oppenheimer was a Communist (this has been a fascination for the left for years, there was a BBC Storyville program on his “trials”) but it is also a hint that the atom bomb does not exist. Think—when did you last see a “test”? You can’t remember because the atom bomb does not exist.


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Some guy with no plan
Some guy with no plan
Jul 22, 2023

Mizzy was also taped taking a yarmulke off a Jew. I wonder if that is to subconsciously program Jews to get out of the cities soon or that the poor ones will also be sacrificed.

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