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Προφητεία (7)

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

I’m not going to do Oppenheimer and Barbie—not going to watch them—but I will say that it’s an obvious magical operation (the way the two are hyped and paired). Barbie will be a feminist film—and the left has had a “thing” about Oppenheimer for ages, the BBC did a long Storyville documentary about him a few years ago (about how he was persecuted as a Communist).

So the idea is as follows: European men, subordinate yourself to women and worship a Jewish man (a Jewish Communist). Oppenheimer also has this inversion element because he took the lines from the Bhagavad Gita and attributed them to himself, “I have become death, destroyer of worlds.” So he arrogated the power of a god to himself, even though he was a totally profane man—Oppenheimer is Satanic inversion.

Ben Shapiro did a little ceremony where he burned a Ken doll and a Barbie doll outside a theatre, this was done for two reasons: 1. as a Jew he must destroy idols—Ken and Barbie are idols; 2. Ken and Barbie represent Europeans man and woman—blond/blonde; so when Shapiro burned them in effigy it was a magical ceremony to kill the Europeans.

This is no joke—RD Laing’s mother made a small doll of him in effigy and used to pierce it through the heart, Laing eventually died of a heart attack (it was his mother’s magic). As for Shapiro, don’t worry—I have some counter-magic in the works and just to explicate his works here will be enough to neutralise it (he does look like a demon, don’t you think? A real little thug and a criminal).

Anyway, Yahweh decided to make my dog sick—the jealous bastard visited an illness upon him. It just shows the evil that lies over this world—this vindictive god that has the Muslims and the Christians sown up and that likes to persecute innocent dogs. OUT +! OUT +! OUT _!++ OUT — YAHWEH, YOUR TIME IS OVER! THE GRAIL COMES THE GRAIL COMES THE GRAIL COMES THE GRAIL COMES. You’ve got to take the correct magical precautions in this business.

As for the Freemasons, I should have mentioned before—they want to “build the Temple”, that’s what they exist for. Although they pretend to be “Christian”, they’re not even traditional Christians—they straight-out want to help the Jews to build the Temple in Jerusalem. Everyone knows—Burke was onto it, in Reflections on the Revolution in France he mentions that the people who instigated the Revolution, who sympathised with it, met in Old Jewry in London (an esoteric clue as to who was behind the whole business).

We find this total global conspiracy rather overwhelming—if not a little hysterical and frightening. Well, yes—you should be frightened, frankly. I mean I’ve seen what they’ve got in store for you and it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better—before we beat this Yahweh character back to whatever profane dimension he appeared from. He needs to be swept out with a broom. OUT OUT OUT OUT.

I mentioned the other day about the triune nature of the Godhead but, as CG Jung and the Druids knew, to be totally complete you need “4”. You need earth, fire, air, and water—or, to put it in Christian terms, you need God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and Lucifer; you need 4 to release the quintessence, the fifth element.

“5” is the highest sacred number (for the Aryans)—Serrano got that but he didn’t understand that it’s esoteric. You don’t just write “5”, it’s that “4” releases “1” more and so you get “the 5th element”. It’s why the sign of the Druids was a four-leaf clover—four to release the fifth. It’s the Irish equivalent to the lotus flower, but instead of a Buddha in the middle you get a little Druid with his long beard (perhaps with some whisky to hand—maybe even brandy).

This quadratic aspect to the divine is found in the Union Jack—and also in the flag of Brittany, which is just a more colourful Union Jack. It represents the sacred precincts of the Druids—the Druids also having a base, possibly even a headquarters, in Brittany. So everything works in fours, at the highest level, although most religions work in threes.

As do magicians—just take Jimmy Savile with his catchphrase “Now, then; now, then; now, then”—it’s the rule of threes, three being active; and it’s also about the unus mundus—now, then (past and present combined—switched back and forwards); or, as the Beatles had it, she loves you…yeah yeah yeah (with a love like that, you know you should be glad).

When I ordered my coffee this morning, the girl at the counter spontaneously covered one eye with the flat palm of her hand—I take it to be a sign that I am an initiate, it’s the old “evil eye” so often seen in popular media (which isn’t evil as such, just misplaced so that unenlightened people can claim they are—and to try to enlighten the masses). It might also relate to Odin—the one-eyed, especially when so flashed at me (since I’m on the Nordic side—or the Celtic-Nordic side).

I appreciate this all rambles a bit, but it’s automatic writing—actually, that reminds me: my favourite poet is WB Yeats and he founded the Golden Dawn (but Crowley mucked it up, caused a split). Yeats was a much better poet than Crowley—even if not a formal magician he was a more powerful magician. He was on the right track—so anything called Golden Dawn must be on the side of light, the Apollonian side. We need the dawn now, more than ever—so far as I can see, even the broad daylight situation has never been so dark (not a reference to all the black men around me). Yeats > Crowley. Here’s to the Golden Dawn.


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Unknown member
Jul 24, 2023

Yeats was a good poet, a little loldeep but at least his ideas were very original at the time. But his defining characteristic is that he was an Occidental Daoist who understood the principle that things turn around when they reach an extreme. Hence his talk about gyres.

Jul 27, 2023
Replying to

Chinese -- lol deep.

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