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Προφητεία (9)

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Dog—recovered. Keys—restored (with a little magical help). It turns out the YHWH beast (HWHY TUO) isn’t as powerful as all that. Who would have thought?

An intervention on neo-paganism; it comes in two varieties: hippy-dippy smelly neo-hippies who live in clapped-out old busses and smell of mould and patchouli oil—and neo-Nazis who work-out all the time and put rune tattoos on their arms and want to return to the Volk and our VOLKWAYS (VOLKVAYS—00—OY VEY, YEV YO!). Both sets of neo-pagans (Neil Pagans—“Hello, my name is Neil and I’m a pagan” “Fancy that!”) are absolutely useless.

The hippies just want to go back to the Golden Age right now and laze around and do nothing and get high—and they’re a pain because it’s thanks to them I can’t get at Stonehenge (the place is sealed up tighter than the East German border). In the 1980s, all the neo-hippies went nuts there—heroin, LSD, acid, blah-blah at their “free festivals”. They made a big mess and so the Thatcherites with the kipper-ties for whom Stonehenge is just some “tourist attraction of significance to the nation’s heritage” (just an opportunity to make money and puff about like the stuck-up peacocks they are) decided to seal it up.

Heed: could all unauthorised personnel, especially those corny buggers dressed in white sheets and masquerading as “the chief Druid”, kindly bugger off the stone circles (you have no idea what you’re dealing with).

The neo-hippies just want to get high and shit in a field and wear rasta locks—blond rasta (authentic?). The neo-Nazis just want to use these pagans ideas for their materialist political philosophy around race—it’s all contrived, you can tell when they talk about it it isn’t real. It’s no more real than a Church of England vicar in his multi-purpose community hall (aka church)—it’s just “something we do”, in modernity. Behind it lies a political project but it’s always “a metaphor” for these people. For them, their “Aryan clarity” has seen through Christianity—which, like all religion, is obviously “made up”; if they owe their views to anything, they owe them to the Enlightenment.

What’s missing is gnosis—which is absent in Christianity as well (has been for centuries—one reason it’s dead and Christianity feels dead). These religions don’t have initiates who have direct access to supra-personal realms—they just have drugs, if hippies (which produce hallucinations most of the time, not contact with the supra-personal realm); or they have pedantically reconstructed “Nordic ceremonies” (if neo-Nazis). There’s no initiation in either—no real grasp as to what is going on.

These people are atheist to the core. So they’ll have their nationalist political project—but if you say, “Look, what you’re actually dealing with is an incursion by supra-mundane entities from another dimension that harness powers that you cannot comprehend,” they’ll just laugh at you. They’re modern to the core—they just prefer the aesthetics around paganism.

It’s why the residual Christians still have better spiritual protection than the neo-pagans (problems around Christianity notwithstanding)—although it’s perverted and degraded, Christianity does have some of the symbolism associated with gnosis woven into it (especially if you go “trad Cath” and go in for the “full Latin Mass treatment”). Neo-pagans, whether left or right, have nil—no spiritual protection whatsoever, no comprehension as to what religion is nor any gnosis. Hence your average neo-hippy or neo-Nazi pagan is more vulnerable to attack on the spiritual plane than an old-style Christian.

Christianity was always degraded—but parallel to it you can find real gnosis. It’s in Dante. I don’t like The Divine Comedy, because it clothes the initiation in Christian dress (throwing philosophers like Socrates into hell for no good reason—just because Semitic religion, because hateful and intolerant). However, the gnosis Dante describes goes back to ancient Egypt and beyond (it’s in Sufism too—which is Indo-Aryan initiation from Persia preserved against Islam in coded form; it’s why Europeans like Sufism but hate Islam). It’s the initiation of Fedeli de amore—it’s the path to the stars.

Because they don’t have initiation, neo-pagans (neo-Alans?) will go and watch a film like The Norseman and talk about how it does or does not conform to “pagan codes”. Lol. That film is pure Satanism—just look at the director, he looks like a goat (symbol of Satan). His other film—about a New England witch—is about how white women should kill their husbands. It’s straight-up Satanism—you can see it in his face (just like Shapiro—these people are demons from hell itself, they’ve just hypnotised you to think they’re “human”).

However, for people without initiation films like The Norseman are just taken in a mundane and rational form—to be analysed as such. Total delusion, total Satanic hypnotism. Think about it this way: Hollywood is the place with “the stars”—right? It’s the “Holy Wood” where you find “the stars”. So it’s an inversion, the real stars are the stars in heaven—not some actress’s brown-tipped nips. It’s a way to force the immaterial into matter.

Hollywood is all a Satanic ceremony. Films like Polanski’s Rosemary’s Baby are about how Satanists will win and rule the world—it even features a fresco of a cathedral burning down (it’s a sigil, a spell to make Notre-Dame happen). All these films are magic spells to enchant you and turn you to Satan—Polanski himself buggered children, and for the power-brokers it’s no big deal (the French love him).

Not all people can be initiated—it’s an elite position. And yet everyone can look at the stars at night—the true stars, the stars that contain your destiny (not the destiny of another person or another race). Go out and pick a star at night and watch it (you will see it change)—pray to it, it will grant your wishes. Everyone has a star in the heavens—they have stolen the stars from you.


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