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Προφητεία (2)

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

The candle sputtered in a strange way tonight—it split in two. The day has been disturbed, I was led by synchronicity to a document that made my blood run cold—a cliché, but only the cliché will suffice to explain it. The cliché is correct. It came under the sign ***—or, within the document, that was what they used for ellipsis; it conforms with the Slouia (see previous posts on this language) and the Slouia itself served me “33” today, an esoteric number with great significance.

It may be, for example, that the rainbow flag has always been malevolent—even when it was a symbol for Protestantism. I am not sure about this point—it is an old esoteric symbol; and yet it just might prove that it has always worked in a negative way—in a way that dissolves everything. It seems to be connected to the sacred hermaphrodite—as related by Plato, among others. It seems that the Satanists want to carry out this spiritual operation on the material plane—hence, the transgender craze and feminism. It seems like the rainbow flag might always have been implicated.

It may also be the case that Jesus was a false spiritual teacher. I need more signs in this regard—but it may well be that he was a dummy scapegoat, some kind of magical operation to polish off the Roman Empire; not quite as Nietzsche said, but more on the actual metaphysical plane—although the change in ethos engendered by Christianity certainly helped the Empire to collapse. This will require more research, more signs—certainly, Christianity was bad news for the Jews because it turned them from just another rival tribe into the metaphysical instantiation of evil (those who killed God). Yet there may be some kabbalah behind it all—some way in which the Christian persecution of the Jews was necessary, for the Jews, for some magical purposes.

Also, by the way, wind turbines are promoted as a pretext to cut down trees and disrupt the natural environment—they will actually cause more pollution than they remove, but the real point is to destroy the trees (because that’s where Gentile souls reside—so it takes away spiritual protection from a people to destroy their trees; in this regard, consider how keen British city councils are to cut down trees…). In essence, it’s preparation to sink us deep into matter—into “the singularity”, which is a hoax (it’s an imprisonment in hell, the devices are just a preparation—or a means to kill us in the simulation, we won’t reproduce).

That’s a detour from Jesus the scape-goat—the “sin-attracter”; but whose sins does he attract? Questions, questions…really, I feel like a lab rat this evening…shook to the core.

Did you know that Leonard Cohen used to pester a girlfriend, in the early 90s, to convert to Judaism because “the Gentiles will be genocided soon”—what was that about, anyway?

It gives me certain intimations, because so far as I can see all the chess pieces are lined up and nobody is going to stop…

(Only 12 will remain…it will go down to 12 at the end; everyone else will fall, everyone else will submit, everyone else will betray—across the planet evil will rule almost completely; it will be at that moment that black will turn into white, and it will be at that moment that you will see that it is not all so much about matter and technology at all—and that you were placed in an enchantment all along. Yes, it will come down to 12—plus one empty chair, one empty chair for the magician…).

No, really—the plans are well advanced; and nothing you see on the mainstream media or the alternative media is real (it is all a grand concoction). I see the psychic struts well-prepared, people obey—like the robots they are. The bloodshed will be prodigious…I see it slicked on the streets for miles. You know how dark blood gets—the way it pools. For Europeans, a very hard time will come soon—it will be decisive. The Europeans will be reduced to just a slither, just 1/8 of a fingernail. It will come very close…

And yet, as I say, certain other factors are decisive—I hold the Ace (which is a Joker, as it happens—I hold all the cards in the pack). It’s why I came back, of course. I had to come back—to try and correct time (it’s lost in circles within circles). I have to say, it’s been a rough ride down—it took a long while to put myself back up in the loop, but every day I remember a little bit more (so perhaps this time it will go the right way, not like all the other times—that I can’t remember).

These people think Buddha is Satan, by the way. “Siddharta”—that’s how how they spell “Satan”. It’s because their god is a jealous god, and he said to worship none other but him—but the Buddha said, “Don’t be jealous.” Let’s just say, like Crowley, these people only have the “666” awakening—not the highest awakening. It grants you worldly rule—but there other levels, so much higher; and perhaps the Christians are stuck down at 666 too, with their masters—who have certain “plans” to make the world a better place, like they did with the Soviet Union. A-ha. It makes me wonder who SiddHARTa really was, anyway…some mystery, I suppose.

They’re on my tail right now—of course, they’ve known who I am all along but I was just a joke and now they’ve stopped laughing. They’ll kill me at 44, of course—but, for now, I’m just not important enough, not quite a real threat to the operation; just some loopy guy who can be discounted. Yet the probes have been put out, the hounds sniff about me. Yet life and death are the same thing.


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