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Προφητεία (10)

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

When men like Neil deGrasse Tyson say “we’re made of stars” they speak the truth—we are made of stars, just not the material stars that Tyson speaks about (a heavy-hitter, like Mike Tyson?). Tyson inverts: he takes the immortal stars and claims they are the same as the material stars, just combinations of gasses—argon and iron. The stars are light—and we are also made of light; the tantra traces the stars within us in our bodies, each chakra a star; and that is how astrology works too—it is the celestial light, the immortal light from the stars.

Hey-ninny-ninny. Hey-nonny-nonny. The man beside me, who looks like a pervert with a salt-and-pepper beard, declares “knowledge is power” (like a knob). He looks scuzzy—he looks like a child molester, he looks like he scolds children in a school. He looks unwholesome—he is very pleased with himself (he has nothing to be pleased about). He sits with a girl who looks like Harry Potter (with dirty blonde hair)—she is also repulsive. All they care about is money and social respect—they have been grown under fluorescent lights, under the false light (have they ever seen the sun—these moles, these worms?).

No—so better keep your eyes fixed on the stars, the real stars. If only we could dump all this technology all this…bullshit. I’m sure things like Ayurvedic medicine work—it’s just we’ve forgotten exactly how (the same with all those ancient Egyptian remedies). You could just sing a song at the right frequency and everything would come into order (I’m not a singer, I wouldn’t know how—but I know it’s possible).

Of course, it has all be forgotten now—the knowledge has been lost (for now); and so the scientists and the skeptics will dismiss it (become skeptical as regards your own skepticism). There are too many false lights down here, the false lights from the screens—good job I turned mine to b&w mode long ago…

On the train, a child chants “electric trains are better for the planet because they are silent and and and…” He missed the rest of his programming—may I suggest, young sir, “…and they reduce carbon output”. Programming complete. Not that I want to hear from the other side—“Chuffing heck, I luv me smokestacks—the more the better, got to make more money!”. As with the Catholic Church versus state schools (child rapists both) why not neither? Why not no smokestacks and no nuclear—and no wind-turbines?

But then I wouldn’t have my toyyyysssssss (that you don’t need, that you’re just hypnotised to think you need—your iPhones and Teslas and other junk). Yes, I’m sorry “the absence of toys disturbs you”—well, not really; I don’t like to put it like that “sorry-not-sorry” but that’s how it came out (automatic writing you know).

It has to crash sooner or later anyway—and the sooner the better in my opinion. What goes up must come down—and we have gone so very, very far up (just check the graphs). Space travel is irrelevant. “Starlink”—it’s an inversion, I have a Starlink (it doesn’t come in a box—you’ll find it in the eyes of blind owls).

They’re very blue, like marbles.

Go into nature—but few go into nature qua nature; they go “to do something”—this is a problem with Westerners, in particular. They have to climb a mountain—do rock-climbing. They go into nature to do something to nature—to extract something. There’s a task to do—you have to extract material from the mountain, the material being “leisure” or “ego”. “Why do you want to climb Everest?” “Because it’s there” (because of my ego). Sacred mountains—don’t violate them. Some date the Enlightenment to Petrarch and his ascent of Ventoux.

The Indian philosophers say “everything is a dream”—and Westerners don’t get that. Locke: we don’t feel pain in dreams—we know we’re awake when we feel pain. Yet all Indian philosophy is an aid to meditation—it is not an investigation into truth, like with Westerners. It’s just a thought experiment to get you to change your consciousness—to develop on the alchemical level. It’s not meant to be a statement about reality—hence Westerners will always see Indians as hypocrites.

All this makes me wonder if there is a Western initiation that has been lost—not like the Indian initiation, with its hypocrisies and lacunas, but one that is absolute and truthful and yet not intended as “philosophy” as we understand it today; not a profane attempt to organise our “knowledge of knowledge” but a means to access our “love of Sophia”—our love of the goddess Sophia, so as to access what Jung called “the Self”.

For Westerners, such a path must be absolute and truthful—when Westerners, especially scientifically trained Westerners, encounter Indians they become frustrated at their wooziness, hypocrisy, and woolly thought (I am a woolly one myself). Yet that is not the point.

In part, I blame Newton—for his scientific method was rooted in alchemy (10% of his papers were alchemical, and these now reside in Jerusalem—for “reasons”). This hints that modernity owes much to Newton’s alchemy—Voltaire polarised Newton, the Enlightenment was “Newton applied to society”; and so one begins to wonder if the entire project was not some alchemical operation by Newton (a false “Enlightenment” when compared to the Buddhist enlightenment—a conquest over matter that concealed the spirit).

I think it probably happened that way…Newton seems to have led a blameless life, he was a scientific saint…and yet he had coded opinions about religion, and perhaps he did not know what forces he unleashed in his alchemical experiments…or was it Voltaire’s error (the electric “volt” again)? He was a vile one, Voltaire—only motivated by money, like all the philosophes (who all advocated you should lie—like the Muslims, like the Jews, like the Christians). When will the lies stop?


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Some guy with no plan
Some guy with no plan
Jul 27, 2023

Surprised you didn't go into what a insufferable narcissist Neil deGrasse Tyson is.

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