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Προφητεία (6)

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

As the world’s leading foolosopher (MA, Distinction; University of Birmingham) I feel I must make an intervention on certain points. For no reason in particular, before I begin, I must pay tribute to the cardinal with the profane ass: Nicolas of Cus-anus, or Cusanus (if you want to be particular). He said the Fool has a certain value—and that nothing is entirely right or entirely wrong, so best to pick out the best bits if you’re in the truth market.

Above, the ley lines (the key lines). As you can see, there are many intersection points where the energy is concentrated and pooled—Jerusalem among them. These correspond to all the different initiatory centres, each of which relates to the central initiatory centre at the Pole. Now, some rather selfish and deceitful people (the Jews and the Freemasons) have perpetrated a rather mean trick on humanity at large—namely, they have told you that the only Holy City is Jerusalem.

Thanks to this merry lark an awful lot of people have been killed fighting over the Holy Land—Jews, Muslims, Christians (the latter two being the ugly children of Judaism, siblings who forever brawl—some fruit from the midnight lucubrations of a rabbi). All this was done just to make one tribal initiation centre rule over all the others—when only the Pole is the central initiatory centre and only the Hyperboreans (without varna, without colour) can rule over it. It just goes to show what damage can be wrought when you let the slaves get their hands on the magic books and cook up their own little cult—total anarchy.

It’s just a global work of selfishness, really—helping them “build the Temple”, when every sub-region could have a temple just as fine. The Freemasons are enlisted in this spree—just look at Crowley and Savile, two-top flight magicians (aspirants to the post of Solomon). Strange point: both had cottages in Scotland, both burned down. Well, as related, I passed that witch’s cottage in Hartsfell last time—people go up there to get close to the Hyperborean magic, close to the star-entities (Jimmy Savile was also an adviser to the Knesset, by the way—suffer the little children).

Look, all I’m saying is that there are different initiation centres for different races—and if people kept to their own there wouldn’t be these constant wars. But no…it “has to be” Jerusalem, “next year in Jerusalem”. Next year up my arsehole. God knows what they’re plotting in their next move to create a global slave state—probably terrorism, I imagine. It’s usually terrorism.

Anyway, the map above gives you the true picture—more or less (I mean, it’s not exact—we’ve lost a lot of knowledge along the way, when Atlantis sunk). Really, we’re in the same situation—the cataclysm is about to befall us. The earth will be wiped—lights in the sky, earthquakes, signs and portents (the whole she-bang). You’ll enjoy it—you’re all bored to tears, anyhow (of course, you’ll pretend to be sorry at first, but you love it really—it’s why you dream of zombies and the like all the time).

Another point I want to clear up—these nit-wit esotericists on YouTube keep talking about “Saturn worship”, where “Saturn” means “Satan” through wordplay transformation; and, therefore, though they never say it being ball-less (Baal-less) cowards, the Jews worship Satan (because “Sabbath” = “Saturn’s Day”—and it’s the day of rest, like the Golden Age; and it will bring it back by sympathetic magic).

Look, Saturn is just the Golden Age—he’s not Satan, you fucking nitwits. Why would the god of the Golden Age be “Satan”? The god of the Edenic state. His shape is the hexagon—the cell in the beehive, the beehive of wisdom. If anything, it’s his children, like Zeus, who represent degeneration from the Golden Age—but they’re just the Silver Age, of heroes.

I mean, really, would you just think for a moment? There’s no need to get clever—if you want to say the Jews worship Satan just say it, don’t defame the god of the Golden Age. And who, exactly, is this “Yahweh” character, anyway? Who is this chap who likes hanging around the desert turning into pillars of fire? What’s his game? Who is Hewhay (he sounds Mexican, Hoor-hay)? You’re all so ball-less, so hypnotised, you have to go and defame poor old Indo-Aryan Saturn “It’s all Satan worship…Saturn worship…” For fuck’s sake, it’s no wonder we’re fucked.

Look, Satan is Satan—he’s inversion. Question: the worshippers of which god seem to be in the inversion game? The Jews (and their side-kicks, the Masons—and all their corny offshoots like the Shriners and the Water Buffaloes). So Yahweh is…Saturn, it’s Saturn!

Who taught you to hate yourselves so much? Rhetorical question. Anything but that—it’s all Baal and Moloch; look, those characters are condemned by the Hebrews—perhaps they erred now and again and made an offering here and there but the main problem is this character Yahweh.

You just can’t kick the Christian frame, can you? If the Jews are bad it’s because they’ve erred into Baal and Moloch worship, and we’ve erred into Saturn (as have they). Did it ever occur to you that we’ve all been duped by Yahweh? Do you fly El-Al (the security is excellent—for some reason everybody wants to kill these fokkers)? Personally, I fly El-Ella—there’s no Business Class, just levitation and sometimes a menhir to sit on.

Off-topic: Charles de Gaulle was retarded—he ended his days waffling about “Europe from France to the Urals” and complaining about the Jews; so….what Hitler wanted? Was it worth it, Charles? Well…there are some sentimental pictures of him with his retarded daughter, so that’s alright—Catholic man, he didn’t abort, pillar of the nation (that no longer exists—France is just a dumpster fire presided over by a lubed-up bumboy hot for interracial action and his withered fag-hag).


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