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Πάντα ῥεῖ

I observed that drone development follows tantric principles whereby an “evil” innovation in war, such as a primitive anti-personnel drone, can turn into a “good”—be refined into an anti-personnel drone that wounds rather than kills, so pressuring the enemy more, so ending the war faster with fewer deaths. It is important to note that this process is not purely material—if you think in that way, you will end up with the view that the dialectic so described will produce a super-powerful AI and that will be God; similarly, the same idea can deviate into Marxism—into ideas as concern a class struggle through history—or Hegelianism, the idea that the State (German capital letter) shall become a total solution to human alienation.

We tend to reduce this process to the material level today because we are deeply enmeshed in matter, so everything is taken that way. Technology is feminine, hence men give their cars female names—and technology “acts up” like women: “Old girl’s a bit temperamental today,” says a farmer with his old tractor (that he rides about the fields between his legs). Technology is not witchcraft but it is lunar and occult, hence “nature loves to hide”—man must torture nature to reveal her features, vivisection is torture and unnecessary.

Matter itself is feminine—men are bewitched by matter today; hence, as Twitter user Owen Briggs observes, women are perceived as more “spiritual” than men because they believe in things like astrology and have feathery dreamcatchers in their windows, whereas men seek out high-status technological jobs that are by definition secular—actually men are more spiritual than women, it is just they are enmeshed in feminine matter and have lost their role in priesthood. In these conditions some genuine witchcraft, not just technology, does thrive because nobody takes it seriously—as when I say Margaret Atwood is a witch; people think I mean it as a rude joke, whereas I speak literally.

Yet a spiritual interchange does continue; and, in fact, the interchange is itself a process to recover us from our current materially-dominated state back to the Sun—back to the masculine spiritual authority upon which the material plane subsists, just as a strong shadow is thrown by a strong light. In the Russia-Ukraine conflict, we see this higher interchange in Russia’s emergent propaganda strategy: she started out with the view the war was about “deNazification”, a democratic and quasi-Communist position inherited from what the old USSR used to say to justify her invasions. However, as the war has progressed, the Russians have begun to speak more about a struggle against “Satanism” and “the Satanic West”.

In other words, although the Russians lose on the material plane in the war, their technology being less sophisticated, they—in an interrelated reversal of opposites—win on the spiritual plane. You see the same dynamic with relation to the way the American left tries to “red scare” the Republicans as pro-Russian, superficially the two sides have swapped positions since the Cold War ended—except all that has happened is that America was more spiritual than the USSR, now Russia is more spiritual than America; and the general antagonism is a process whereby spirituality is recovered from matter as their mutual antagonism burns out Marxism and then the Enlightenment legacy—as bin Laden observed: first the USSR will fall and then her atheistic twin, the United States.

The Russian position has become more religious and more precise—so the conflict has caused them to shed the Communist husk. Conversely, as Western technology aids the Ukrainians, the West becomes less and less spiritual—more and more dominated by trans ideology, by “the doge” (esoterically “the e-god”—the false electronic god).

As the West wins, they lose—for their victory hastens their spiritual destruction; as Russia loses, she wins—for her material defeat strengthens her spiritual position. At the profane level, if Russia is defeated, her material technology will begin to make a turn—nothing teaches like defeat. This is why the Ukrainians became so much better after their defeat about seven years ago; similarly, on the material plane, Russia became arrogant with her hypersonic missiles and other gadgets (actually not very modern, just developments from 20th-century technology—not really novel). As she loses on the material plane, discovers her actual weaknesses as her arrogance is burnt away, she will be forced improve materially (as the West will be forced to recover spiritually as she reaches her nadir)—to lose is to win, to win is to lose.

The important point in all this is not to seek “false balance”—false balance is when you take a little from side “a” and a little from side “b”; for example, Jordan Peterson has an idea that masculine (right) and feminine (left) change sides in Parliament and the interchange is progress. This is not real movement: real movement comes when you speak from your perspective absolutely. Total partiality is total objectivity, with no attempt to “be fair”—just say it as you see it, no need to cloak it in an “idea”; if you do so, you play your part in the interchange—you are not apart from it, playing God; hence the masculine rules the public political realm, the feminine the home realm—and the two interchange in restaurants and bars, the intermediate space between home and state.

The reason why Russia is superior in this conflict, even if she loses, is that she has purified herself on the highest level, on the spiritual level—the masculine and solar level. For the West, this level practically no longer exists—so when Dugin wades onto the Internet and says Russia is in a battle against Satan, Western commentators just say “how peculiar” or “yeah, whatever”. Yet in the reversal of opposites the spiritual is superior, the material realm is anterior; hence even if Russia loses, she wins—since she will end the war spiritually purified, with more vestiges from Communism burned away.


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